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The Clouse-Mandell Summit

Lawrence-Douglas County Firefighter Daniel Clouse has been cited for battery after an argument with Lawrence resident Bob Mandell.

In short, Daniel Clouse was offended that Bob Mandell did not remove his hat during the band's playing of the National Anthem. Clouse told Mandell of the offense and informed him of protocol. Mandell agreed and stated that he had simply forgot. A bystander told Clouse that "now is not the time or place," and Clouse went back to his seat.

The rub comes in the rub. There is a discrepency in the accounts of how Clouse obtained the attention of Mandell. Clouse claims that he touched Mandell on the shoulder. Mandell claims that Clouse applied excessive force to Mandell's neck; thus, the charge of battery.

Now the County will suffer the cost. This has a good chance of going to trial. Clouse will present several witnesses stating that there was no battery; simply a touch to get attention. Mandell will present witnesses buttressing his claim of painful pressure. Regardless of who wins in court; all participants will be losers - and will appear as such.

Daniel Clouse, in this action you come off as a bully. Bob Mandell, you come off as a tattle-tale.

Mr. Mandell and Mr. Clouse, please save the City and County the cost of a frivolous trial. This is a moment for a Beer Summit. Both of you, please, man-up and work this out - outside of the courtroom.

Original Photo: Souza/White House; Editing: Did I Say That

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