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Library Expansion Approval - A Rented Vote?


The Lawrence Journal-World reported Lawrence voters approve $18 million library expansion. The final results showed voters approving the measure with a 55% affirmative vote.

Prior to the election, another blogger speculated that an election of this type was skewed by renters because the result might be Free Lunches for Renters. The blog and comments made rational observations of how renters might affect the outcome of an election that did not seem to impose a direct tax upon the renter.

Now the election is over; the results have been tabulated. Let's take an anecdotal look at the outcome of the election. More specifically, lets look at precinct results; and, (here is the anecdotal part) rental property within the City of Lawrence. Up front, this is admittedly non-scientific - it is simply a visual.

The first map shows each precinct in Lawrence and the election results of the precincts.

This screen shot was taken from an online website, MyApartmentMap, that brokers rental properties. The website seems to have a fairly complete listing of rentals in the area; however, it may or may not, be representative of actual rental properties in the city. So, until a better source is available, let's use this one. It provides a starting point, at least.

Finally, the second map has been superimposed over the first map.

This is simply a picture of rental properties and voting summaries. As they say at the library, "It could be worth checking out."

That is all. Carry on.

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7 years, 5 months ago

Great mashup. It would be nice to see a bit more granular representation of each poll but I applaud your efforts.

pizzapete 7 years, 5 months ago

The map is interesting that's for sure. It also seems like the people living near the library may have voted more in favor of it, too.

With all this extra cash I hope they put in an underground walkway to the pool and a big shark tank in the lobby to bring in more visitors. That's what I would do if I were spending other people's money.

beatrice 7 years, 5 months ago

Yep, college towns would be great places if it weren't for all those dang students.

The landed gentry should be the only ones allowed to vote!

Ronda Miller 7 years, 5 months ago

Nice work putting this together, DIST. I have mixed feelings about the issues of allowing rental votes and that is separate from student votes, somewhat.

What is the percentage of renters in Lawrence?

I'm thrilled to have a new library, I just didn't want to help pay for it. :)

beatrice 7 years, 5 months ago

A delay in the rise on rent is not the same as not feeling the effects of a new tax. That means it will be felt even beyond the point the new tax ends.

This concept that only homeowners should be voting is elitist to the extreem.

LadyJ 7 years, 5 months ago

A blogger on another thread made a comment about the developer hiring illegals and it got me to wondering. The city is putting in new sidewalks around Cordley school using a private contractor. Am I allowed to give the name of the contractor? Well anyway when I drove by it today, I decided to look at the workers. There was mostly Hispanic workers. Are they illegal, I don't know but a city employee was there, did he make sure they were legal? I think the city is fully aware that their contractors use illegal workers and does not care. Should taxpayers money be used to pay contractors using illegals? Should the city make it a requirement when awarding contracts? Food for thought.

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