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NAACP Hosts Shirley Sherrod Charade


The Shirley Sherrod saga has one common thread. Follow the thread as it weaves its way through the news cycles of the week.

I am probably going to regret writing this; yet, I think it needs to be done.

The 24-Hour News Cycle: Day One

Before reading any further you need to be aware of the fact that the word gullible has been written on the ceiling above your head. ↑↑ Now, remember your reaction to the previous sentence.

The story began July 19th when Andrew Breitbart published an online story with this edited video of the now much discussed Shirley Sherrod. The story quickly gathered steam as Ms. Sherrod resigned her USDA position at the request of Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack. Major news organizations were duped by the misleading video clip. Fox News led the charge and was quickly followed by CBS News, ABC News, and most of the others; some with glee, others with misgivings.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) jumped on board condemning her in a statement, wherein the NAACP President and CEO Ben Jealous calls her actions shameful. It appears that news outlets, as well as the NAACP, has scrubbed their websites of the original NAACP statement.

The first 24 hour news cycle has ended; cue day two.

The 24-Hour News Cycle: Day Two

News of the full 43 minute video makes the rounds when the NAACP posts the video on YouTube. The NAACP made a Second Statement On The Resignation of Shirley Sherrod wherein they issue an apology for condemning Ms. Sherrod. Further, the organization proclaims, “...we have come to the conclusion we were snookered by Fox News and Tea Party Activist Andrew Breitbart...” The Secretary of Agricultural announces that he will review the resignation of Sherrod.

The 24-Hour News Cycle: Day Three

Secretary of Agricultural Vilsack has watched the full video and offers Sherrod an apology and a 'unique' position in the USDA.

The 24-Hour News Cycle: Day Four

Not one to be left out of the limelight, let alone four 24-hour news cycles, President Obama apologizes to Sherrod . Sherrod spent the rest of the day as a reality star on talk shows.

The 72-Hour News Cycle: The Long Weekend

The weekend, which for news cycles seems to begin on Fridays, saw the name game, the blame game and the same game on every news outlet, every news show. Depending on the commentator's personal take on the story one of these three scenario made the circuit. Regardless of the talk show game these were the central players: Sherrod – the non-racist racist, Breitbart – the bamboozled blogger, Jealous – the snookered chief, Vilsack – the turnaround terminator, and Obama – the apologist in chief.


In less than 72 hours Shirley Sherrod went from unknown to overblown, from recently hired to just fired, and finally from just fired to preferred re-hire. The full video of Sherrod's speech makes it very clear that she was not promoting racism, rather she was presenting an account of an incident that changed her own ability to act in a racist way. That is not to say that some of Sherrod's comments are not of concern to conservatives; however, racism should not be one of those concerns.

The Contiguous Thread

There is one point in this sordid story that has failed to make the news. Perhaps it is a non-issue; yet, it seems pertinent as it is the common denominator. Let's review.

Ms. Sherrod, believed to be a member of the NAACP, gave a 43 minute speech at the NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet. The NAACP contracted for the speech to be video recorded by a production company. The video is apparently the property of the NAACP. A clip that was edited by the production company was posted in a story at Biggovernment.com and the “fire” storm began and ended within 48 hours. Throughout this story there is one common denominator, one contiguous thread: the NAACP. It was an NAACP banquet, an NAACP speaker, an NAACP video, an NAACP condemnation, and an NAACP reconciliation.

Finally, we are to believe that the NAACP, including its highest officials, was snookered by an NAACP video.

Quick – the word gullible has been written on the ceiling above your head. ↑↑ Oh, you have met my grandfather – the one who always said, “Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me!”

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LadyJ 7 years, 10 months ago

What's that saying? Act in haste, regret at leisure.

jaywalker 7 years, 10 months ago

Why, I'm shocked, I say! Shocked! There's no significant activity on such a blog that sheds light on all the bovine shiitake mushrooms that have sprung up around this 'issue'? Where are all the fact-seekers so eager to hurl stones?

Thanks for the info, Did_I and snap.

beatrice 7 years, 10 months ago

This is certainly a mistake that reaches all the way to the top of the Obama administration. Offering a "unique" position doesn't make it better.

With this "unique" position, does it actually require her to report for duty, or is it a position of staying at home if she wishes and receiving regular checks there? I just wonder why they offered her a "unique" position, rather than the position she had just the day before. I know people are looking for jobs, but they couldn't have filled the position with someone new that quickly. Sounds like hush money to me.

Somebody needs to be offered a well-publicized beer on the White House lawn.

RoeDapple 7 years, 10 months ago

bea . . . . . .

I'm . . speechless, . . . stunned. You are a goddess, I bow before you.

weeslicket 7 years, 10 months ago

"This is certainly a mistake that reaches all the way to the top of the Obama administration."\

really? this in any way makes sense? more than a few folks wet their jammies on this one, but all the way to the top of the obama administration is, well, over the top.

jaywalker 7 years, 10 months ago

If this doesn't go 'all the way to the top' then what possible reason would the President have for calling her personally? A lotta folks did naughty to the pooch on this one with the prime violators being the NAACP, in my opinion, as Did's blog draws out. And I'll tell ya something else, I don't want to give him credit, but Breitbart's paring of the video now makes me wonder if he didn't orchestrate this whole thing on purpose in an althernative devious sense. Kinda like, "the knee-jerk racial responses and the players that shoot to the forefront have become so predictable, so I'm gonna do X with Y's video containing Z.......let's see what happens next!" Could he actually be that clever and diabolical? I'm not sure, but it makes me wonder.

beatrice 7 years, 10 months ago

Yes, it goes to the top. I believe it is pretty clear that Obama was briefed and he gave his nod to the firing. That doesn't make it a crime or anything, just a bad call on Obama's part. It also looks bad for those doing the briefing. They need to have better grasp of a subject before they brief our President. As I've always said, Obama isn't perfect, just the right person for the job right now. As far as making snap decisions goes, the ramifications of getting this one wrong are actually pretty minor. Best he learn from a mistake now rather than later, when the consequences could be much greater.

And the original Beer Summit was just bad political theater any way you look at it and deserves to be ridiculed. I mean, Biden showing up and drinking a non-alcoholic "beer." Does that make it a Near-Beer Summit? Just admit that politicians can do some funny things sometimes.

I support our President, but that doesn't mean I have to agree with everything he does. If you start doing that, then you are putting party before country.

Flap Doodle 7 years, 10 months ago

"...But for all their words about how awful Breitbart is, the reactions of the Obama administration and the NAACP put the lie to them. They absolutely took him at his word. Neither of them tried to review the full video before jumping on Sherrod with both feet. Neither tried to contact Sherrod for her side of events. Neither sought anyone who might have attended the event for their account. As I said, this made absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. There had to be another element at play here, besides Breitbart's own reputation. And then I made the connection: the old saying "you can't con an honest man." Nearly all confidence schemes are, at their core, contingent on the greed and dishonesty of the mark. The mark has to know the deal sounds too good to be true, has to believe that they are getting something for nothing, that they are benefiting from some kind of fraud. In the end, they lose out because they let their cupidity overpower their integrity and common sense. They were predisposed to dishonesty. Likewise, I find it extremely plausible that both the Obama administration and the NAACP jumped so hard on Sherrod because they knew, beforehand, that what she said in that video -- confessing to discriminating against whites and carrying a racial grudge -- was entirely within her character. They reacted so quickly and so firmly not because they were unaware of her beliefs, but because they were surprised it came out so clearly...." Read the rest at: http://wizbangblog.com/content/2010/07/27/rushing-to-judgment.php

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