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The New Blogs - The First One


New Blog Format 07/22/2010

Before someone else makes the comment: Nothing to see here. This is just my first blog on the new system. I am experimenting. You are welcome to watch and comment.

The new system is sending an email to me every time someone comments on one of my blogs. That will sell some Sunflower Bandwidth. If you have not looked yet this can now be set using "inbox and settings" from the drop down menu of your user name.

Look up. ↑↑ We can change the name of our blog now, not just the entry's name.
Look up. ↑↑ We can add a header picture that appears on each blog entry. Click on "your blog" and "edit settings." Near the bottom of the page you can add a header picture using the browse feature; don't forget to save.

Does HTML code
work? Yes! It does!

My avatar - Supersized!

My avatar - Super-duper-sized!


My avatar on drugs! Or is that breakfast?

This is now obsolete: http://www2.ljworld.com/weblogs/did_i...

Okay, I need to fix that so it does not navigate away; rather let's have it open in a new window: How to Create a LJW Blog - A Beginner's Guide

Blogging Shortcuts - DIST's Cheat Sheet is not obsolete but will need revised.

Can I have a redirected (clickable) image? That may prove difficult. If anyone has a resolution, please let me know.

Okay, that is better!

That is all for now!

This will not show up in the summary.

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RoeDapple 7 years ago

Well . . . this is certainly going to take an adjustment period. Oops! Looks like Donnuts just said that! As they say, defecated excrement occurs.We will see what happens.

LadyJ 7 years ago

My first thought when I read Whitney's blog was "well DIST has has his work cut out for him now". We wait with excited anticipation for your instructional blog. But first I have to get my computer fixed. Afraid I will have to do a total revert to original condition. Got a new 2T external hard drive and hope I have backed things up properly. Tried to just install Windows 7 over Windows Vista since it is my Windows program that is corrupted but one of the issues is it won't let me install anything new. Strange thing is my husband's laptop Windows program went bad at the same time.

Jonathan Kealing 7 years ago

FYI, we'll make sure you have the ability to control whether you get notices about people commenting on your blogs — or we'll turn that feature off. Should have been their from the beginning, but that tech isn't installed on LJ yet.

Ron Holzwarth 7 years ago

I'm hoping that there's some system in place to keep those time wasting spam blogs from appearing.

It seems to me that a simple software change should make it impossible to post a blog if you have no comment history. Seems that every spam blog so far has had a comment history of 0!

bearded_gnome 7 years ago

the blog changes at LJW absolutely s*ck!

multi is right, go back to the summary as it used to be so when we see the list of all blogs we don't get links for "peak-a-goo oil" and other mythology.

if ljworld insists on listing the commenters for each blog with their avatars, then they darned well should have links on them thar avatar thingys so users can right well click and go to their profiles!

Jonathan, I am delighted to hear you might turn off the e-mail notification, or leave it default off and people can go there and turn it on!

just too derned much clutter with the new setup.

also: end the threadeddeddeddeeddedededednesses!

LadyJ 7 years ago

What he said. Did you notice the part that says when someone sends you a message, they are giving you permission to use it in your posts (putting my junior detective badge back in my Cracker Jacks box).

Jonathan Kealing 7 years ago


We've now added the ability to control whether you receive e-mails whenever certain actions are taken on the site. You can control all of that in your LJWorld.com inbox: http://www2.ljworld.com/accounts/inbox/

You can control whether you receive e-mail message when someone sends you a private message, when someone comments on your blog, or when someone starts following you. For now, following you does nothing. In the future, you'll be able to see the actions of people you follow, i.e. post a comment, write a blog, etc., if you follow them. But that's for the future.

For now, you can control whether PMs and comment notifications come to you via e-mail, or just to your on-site inbox, accessible at the link above.

Also, that link is accessible from the dropdown menu next to your username, under Inbox and settings.


Jonathan Kealing

Jonathan Kealing 7 years ago

We're working on the blog list page. It won't be just like it was before, but it'll be better than it is now.

As for following, you should have the ability to block someone from following. For the most part, though, all it will do is allow you to see where users have posted, as you can do now. It will just make it somewhat easier.

bearded_gnome 7 years ago

LadyJ: What he said. Did you notice the part that says when someone sends you a message, they are giving you permission to use it in your posts (putting my junior detective badge back in my Cracker Jacks box).

July 23, 2010 at 9:21 p.m.

---DIST, the good LadyJ is making an inside reference to a very highly exercised poster who seems to think she and I are dolts! this clown is trying to pass off as another user.

yes, LadyJ, you best keep that badge up to a fine polish! you never know who you'll need to show it to!

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