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THE IRS - An April 15th Declaration




RoeDapple 7 years, 10 months ago

Income tax, Federal and State 27% (?) Sales tax 8% Real Estate tax $1500 to $2500 Personal property $300 to $800 Hidden taxes on things like tobacco, alcohol, rubber products, etc. Special "user" fees. another way to tax you twice. Tolls. "Benefit districts" Registration fees licenses.

No, I'm not a "Tea Party" advocate, and yes, many of the listed items are necessary, depending on who benefits from them. We are quickly becoming so dependent on government taking care of us to the point we find it acceptable to be taxed in excess of 50% of our income, with no end in sight. Will 100% be acceptable if all we have to do is clock out from our jobs then latch on to the government teat until time to clock back in the next day?

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