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What is the true definition of being "green"? Is it recycling your newspapers? Is it using strange shaped lightbulbs that use less power (and more mercury)? Nope, I think I've found it...

A GREEN flyer sent to me by the City of Lawrence Water Division about Earth Day. I saw this, and was intrigued, since it was mailed to me on 4/22/09. It advertises Earth Day celebrations that occurred on 4/18/09. Also, it is printed on the slick, NON environmental paper, with GREEN ink (color, not environmentally friendly).

This blatant attempt at pulling at our heart strings by the city is really sad. It just shows how far our society has fallen, when we believe that replacing something with something else really "saves" anything. Here's a few examples:

  1. Recycling glass/aluminum: Costs more than it creates, and puts MORE harmful chemicals back in to the air.
  2. Recycling paper/planting trees: There are MORE trees on the planet right now than there ever has been before.
  3. Climate Change: Really? They changed the name because they realized the planet was NOT warming!!!

I just wish more people would look at the Independent research published daily that shows all of these are a farce. The mainstream media feeds you their agenda.

Well, gotta go treat my pigs for flu.....



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