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Dead Bars I Used To Love


I saw the "Rave at the Cave" article, and it got me thinking about bars I used to frequent that no longer exist. What was the name of the basement bar at Liberty Hall? That was a cave all right. I also enjoyed the Sanctuary and 'Stube. I wasn't a regular there, but The Congo was an interesting joint. What was your favorite defunct drinking establishment?


youngjayhawk 4 years ago

Dirty Herbies was my favorite! Quarter draws, free popcorn, and great pinball!

jhawkinsf 4 years ago

Bierstube, Bogart's, Off The Wall Hall, The basement bar of Liberty Hall (it must have had another name).

Kirk Larson 4 years ago

I have a piece of the Crossing in my home.

geekin_topekan 4 years ago

Congo was the best place to get your 6AM beer on. 2nd and Maple

Four Winds, Haskell's babe-mart. 19th and Mass.

Red's Place.8th and New Hampshire.

deec 4 years ago

When I was driving cab in Lawrence, I once picked up a trucker stuck in town until the next day so he could unload. He wanted to go to the nearest country-style bar, so I told him about the Congo. He asked if he would be likely to get in a fight there. "Not unless you want to," I replied. So that's where he went.

poppet 4 years ago

it was the best place to be ona sunday nite - listening to lynch&mcbee...2 guys, guitar, harmonica and 1 floor lamp!

jhawkinsf 4 years ago

Hell yes for the band lynch & Mcbee. Great R & B

oldvet 4 years ago

The Stables... somewhere around 7th and Florida, I think... apartments there now.

grammaddy 4 years ago

It was always the Knife and Gun club, just like 508( L.A.'s) in North Lawrence.

riverdrifter 4 years ago

The best bar I was ever in was the Helsinki Bar in Superior, Wisconsin. It was frequented by the crewmen of the Great Lakes iron boats and the locals. It was in a stand-alone brick building and the owners lived in the top floor. When you walked in there you knew you were in a real bar. Burned to the ground in the 1980's. Hogarty's bar in downtown KC on Grand (I think) was a great one. Buster's in Sun City, Kansas was pretty good in its original form. It had a sign that said "Please don't throw unextinguished cigarette and cigar butts on the floor. It burns the hands and knees of the patrons as they leave the bar."

rbwaa 4 years ago

the bar under Liberty was the catacombs - a really unique place to hang out in the 60s...

RoeDapple 4 years ago

The Harbour, before "Lights". Dirty old bar that still had prohibition beer stored in the basement.

oldvet 4 years ago

That was a great place... the "schooner" was so big you had to use both hands to lift it.

thebigspoon 4 years ago

And only a quarter on Thursdays! What a place to learn to "drink responsibly" for 18-year-olds (or so)!

BruceWayne 4 years ago

I remember when Gammon's installed the Automatic drink mixers...went downhill after that. The Paladium (sp?) was awesome. The Clique and Plain Jane played there often. It became the Power Plant after that, and it sucked. The Mad Hatter was always a good time. All the mirrors in that place made it seem much bigger than it really was. My favorite bar of all time was Spikes Rat Bar in downtown Chicago.

BruceWayne 4 years ago

wow...pre Rainmakers! Kelly Hunt and the Kenetics played there as well. Still have the album "Blue Light Special."

devobrun 4 years ago

Mothers, south Iowa circa 1977

Rex Russell 4 years ago

For Lawrence, i would have to say the old Hawk. When I came here in the early 90s, it was packed to the gills every Friday or Saturday night. Had to wait in line to get in. I also loved the glass Hawk jars.

Randall Barnes 4 years ago

the playhouse....which is now last call II ( aka ) taste

FredGarvin_MP 4 years ago

The Sanctuary had a great outdoor area and Tuesday's were 10 cent draws followed by Wednesday's all the well drinks for a $5.00 cover. I usually never made it to Wednesday after spending 2 bucks on Tuesday.

RoeDapple 4 years ago

Or Sporty's next door! Old Sporty had been in so many fights he had no cartilage left in his nose. Saw him on several occasions push his nose into his head with his pointy finger. (He musta thought that really impressed the ladies!)

pagan_idolator 4 years ago

Hmmmm... I thought the Perry Pub was still open.

geekin_topekan 4 years ago

Burgesses at 9th and New Jersey. AJ's 8th and New Hamspshire.

Gammon's drink mixer was cool. Tiny little plastic cups, but cool.

irvan moore 4 years ago

hey, don't forget Sneaky Petes on 6th street,.

KU_Dude 4 years ago

I always just walked into the frat parties and acted like I belonged It was free beer too.

meggers 4 years ago

Another vote for Bogart's. Good times...

Frederic Gutknecht IV 4 years ago

The Tap Room in the Hotel Congress in Tucson, AZ.

coolmarv 4 years ago

I spent a lot of money at J Watsons on beer and videos. It was the best place to shoot pool. I still miss it. Management sucked though. I guess that's why they went out of buisness. They owned Harry Bears burger joint downtown too.

Spent the eve of my 18th B day at the Time Out. South Iowa around 25th street. My friends counted down the seconds to midnight and then proceded to throw cups and pitchers of beer on me.

My first 'drunk at a bar' was at Louise's when I was 16 or 17. They never carded back then.

coolmarv 4 years ago

There was a beer joint in the 600 or 700 block of Mass, west side, that had a black and white tiled floor. I can't think of the name though.

I haven't been in the Pool Room for about 18 years. I'm surprised it has lasted this long. J. Watsons 21 club was there.

Harbour Lights was too rough.

I can't afford to drink at bar's much anymore. I guess I didn't need the money for other things back than like I do now. House payment, kids, etc. I am resolved to drink at home or at my friends homes.

I did enjoy a schooner at Louises a couple of weeks ago. First time in about 20 years.

RoeDapple 4 years ago

Whoa . . . Yuk Down . . . anybody remember "Flash" McG? That boy would hit the floor dancin' and if he didn't have a partner he'd dance with a chair! Or he was sufferin' from medicinal deficit . . .

trinity 4 years ago

THANK you for mentioning the Yuks!!!! i was beginning to wonder if anybody would! first place in my life i ever got really drunk-and had my first date-same night, lol! :) loved the sanctuary&the playhouse back in the early 80's...sigh.

ScottyMac 4 years ago

I miss Hockenbury's. (Currently Fatso's)

beeshlii 4 years ago

Uncle Malty's...............LOL........... FLAME'S..........LOL........

4 years ago

I don't know if anyone remembers it but there was a bar/venure called Jesters that used to operate in the Varsity building where Urban Outfitters is now. I wasn't old enough to drink at the time but I remember that they had couches and bookshelves, clocks enough for every time zone, and awesome chili cheese fries. A little arcade too. Lawrence needs something like that again!

ScottyMac 4 years ago

Jesters was where Brothers currently is.

ScottyMac 4 years ago

Jesters was there after Tin Pan but before Brothers. It wasn't open but for maybe a year or two.

ivalueamerica 4 years ago

There were 2 bars where the Campus Hideaway used to be on North Park.

I forget their name, one was owned by 3 foreign students and the other was a gay bar owned by a redneck straight couple. Both were a blast.

I practically lived at Off the Wall Hall, and then latter it was the Dynamo Ballroom for a brief while.

pagan_idolator 4 years ago

Hmmm - I am half of that redneck straight couple. The bar was the Hideaway. I really do miss it but probably learned a whole bunch of stuff I had no business knowing about. Also was the original owner of The Laughing Dog Knife and Gun Club. Have to go tell the hubby we are rednecks now - that will amuse him. :-)

pagan_idolator 4 years ago

We had a large straight clientele there so the gays called the bar Hideagay. Good times.

ivalueamerica 4 years ago

Really, lol, rednecks in a good way...good ole boys. I never thought of that as a bad word..just a reference to working class folks.

C, you were great and did a world of good to the community.

My favorite was when you brought the strippers from your other club for lesbian stripper night....

pagan_idolator 4 years ago

Heh - Don't worry I am not offended but never considered myself redneck since I hate country and western music. However I do hang out at Shenago so maybe just a little. Actually the strippers were hired from the Flamingo. They claimed they made a lot more money from the lesbians. Some of those lesbians were literally spending their rent money on the dancers. We sure did some wacky things in there and of all my businesses I miss the Hideaway the most. I am still doing the annual Adopt-A-Family fundraiser that was born in the Hideaway.

pagan_idolator 4 years ago

Hi - occasionally I take a lurk break and post Couldn't believe someone still remembered the Hideaway.

ivalueamerica 4 years ago

of course, I explained my meaning and context, but you seem to have left that out to make your point as it would have contradicted yourself.

I do so wish I could just pick and choose facts and leave out what contradicts my point, but I was raised differently.

My grandfather always said if you have to make up a point to make a point, you are pointless.

ivalueamerica 4 years ago

you lied

you were caught

trying to divert attention does not change that fact.

beeshlii 4 years ago

they had gays in those days? what year was this?

DustyAcres 4 years ago

Does anybody remember Van Vleck's (not sure if that is correct spelling)? It was on the north side of 6th where the auto parts place is now. Also remember my Dad taking me into Edith's on Mass. St. many years ago.

Bruce Janssen 4 years ago

I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the Gaslight, across the street north from the Union. It was THE place for what passed for the counterculture in the late '60s. What a collection of characters! The pool table was for serious players only. Later in life, I thought the place could have been the inspiration for the Mos Eisley Cantina scene in the first "Star Wars." When I first got to campus and was living on the eighth floor of Ellsworth Hall, we would go to the Voodoo Hut downtown. It was not much of a bar, but it had a certain casual attitude about checking IDs. (And remember, the drinking age was 18 back then.) The Bierstube was a great bar -- until you saw it in daylight. I tried to go at night.

beeshlii 4 years ago

how about King Arthurs. it was on west end of town. and how about that titty bar on north side. are they still in business, and are university girlz still strip? i am just wondering. i am sure they did.

Phase 4 years ago

Although no one mentioned the Carriage Lamp, Willys 10-40, Old Mission Inn, The Green Door, Firebird, Beccaros, and a few others that weren't as well known; I'm sure that I rubbed elbows with some of you guys, but as they say "if you remember the sixties, you weren't REALLY there.

pagan_idolator 4 years ago

From now on that is how I am going to introduce myself. ROTFLMAO!!!!

independent_rebel 4 years ago

Your last paragraph is what makes the USA so freaking awesome!

trinity 4 years ago

shenanigans anyone? can anybody tell me where in the heck exactly that one WAS?? somebody else always drove, lol... oh-and yep bars serve a purpose. i always try to remember to park my high horse outside of 'em when i go to one.

pagan_idolator 4 years ago

Wasn't Shenanigans at 9th and Mississippi? Also where the Palladium was located. I spent a good deal of time at the Palladium in my younger days.

trinity 4 years ago

YES thank you that's where it was!! was trying to tell a youngster (23 year old lol) where that place used to be. i don't remember the palladium, don't think i ever made it there when it was that! :)

kallipalooza 4 years ago

Hangar #4, aka The Hangar. Teensy bar in front of the Days Inn, it was torn down for Chili's. Also, The Hawk when Count still owned it, the pre-fire Jet Lag & Jonesie. And the "clothing optional bar behing McDonalds...Night Owls. Just walking in the place was entertaining.

kallipalooza 4 years ago

Hangar #4, aka The Hangar. Teensy bar in front of the Days Inn, it was torn down for Chili's. Also, The Hawk when Count still owned it, the pre-fire Jet Lag & Jonesie. And the "clothing optional bar behing McDonalds...Night Owls. Just walking in the place was entertaining.

secrettoalonglife 4 years ago

Billy Spears Country Playhouse, The Teepee, Red Dog Inn.

Alceste 4 years ago

Let us not leave out The Bodega Club. Made a fortune in that place....one block down from the 7th Spirit. Nice little circuit going on between those two clubs.....Finnigan and Wood played the Bodega many times.

As for the Gaslight....remember telling Daddy, exciteably when he inquired where I had been...he having called me LONG DISTANCE (them were the days....LONG DISTANCE) and me not being where I was supposed to be...."I been to A BAR DAD!!!" He say "WHAT?" SONNY BOY...THERE ARE NO BARS IN THAT HILLBILLY STATE!!! YOU WERE IN A BEER TAVERN!!! THEY SERVE PI** WATER in those places.....cereal malt beverage....Three Two Beer!!!". "I wasn't drinking beer, DADDY. They have really good hamburgers there and I think there is a hippie chick or five that like me!!!" yeah.

Kris_H 4 years ago

I didn't have a car, which was probably a good thing. Therefore I mostly went to bars I could walk to and from--The Gaslight, The Rock Chalk, The Wheel (not my favorite) and The Bierstube (most interesting bar fight I ever saw, at that one).

The Rock Chalk was by far my favorite, more stuff went on there than I could ever keep track of, which is probably another good thing. :D

Alceste 4 years ago

Also....let us not forget The Green Gables. Oh yes....THEM were the days....

coolmom 4 years ago

Jesus, i remember walking into night owls mainly to say i had been there and watching is sheer fascination for a couple hours lol.

Shane Garrett 4 years ago

The sanctuary. Ace would have toco night. Loved the 10 cent draws on Tuesday. But mostly liked it when Abe managed the joint and his girl friend, Leslie was bar tending. I think the guy from Iran could hook a person up with what ever. No responsibilities in those days.

picfairvillage 4 years ago

How could you not love Off The Wall Hall -- the center of Lawrence's amazing music scene in the early/mid 80s -- I still have a flyer that advertised "REM -- $4 and Free Beer." But the Crossing was the best place to go and decompress on the porch; you could always count on friends wandering over on Friday afternoons, and there was nowhere better to spend hot summer nights.

BigPrune 4 years ago

The Voodoo Lounge (today's Harbor Lights) early '70's J Watson's Bottom's Up Cogburns Gammons Russell's East The Purple Pig Smiling Pam's Good Times Corner :)

Shari Eichenberger 4 years ago

Time Out was an 18 bar and next to it was The Other Place where you had to be 21.

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