Dangerous Ideas

Teach the Controversy!

Paul Decelles

Should kids learn about Math? A bit sexist, but the parallels with Kansas and what certain presidential candidates say about science needs no additional comment from me. ;-)

Don't Kill These Guys!

Paul Decelles

You may have noticed these large wasps flying around and making burrows in loose soil. They may look fierce and frightening but they are actually not very aggressive. These are Cicada Killers and the female digs burrows in loose soil and she provisions the nest with cicadas that she paralyzes ...

Consider the water lilies in the cool muck...

Paul Decelles

From Baker Wetlands today. Most critters had more sense than me. These lilies at least looked cool in spite of the 107F temp at the time. What would be the best critter to be on a day like today?

Mad Dogs and...

Paul Decelles

Biologists? Now that my summer semester is over, I just had to get out yesterday to do some hiking so went over to Prairie Park for a couple of hours. What struck me was how green the prairie area was with no maintenance. Do you think maybe this is ...

G+ One week out.

Paul Decelles

G+ or Google+ is supposed to be Google's answer to Facebook. I have been using G+ for a little over a week now and so far it is a mixed bag. The good is that I can set up different circles for people I know in different contexts. [This set ...

Two Guests: One unwelcome; one welcome.

Paul Decelles

Yesterday while in my backyard with my camera I happened upon a not very welcome visitor to my Purple Cone Flower-a Japanese Beetle. Back East these are a serious pest of ornamentals but I had not seen them here in Lawrence before. The closest I have seen them is Arkansas-in ...


Paul Decelles

As if I don't have enough online distractions, along comes Google's G+, Google's answer to facebook. I managed to snag an invite and have been trying it out. One neat feature is that you can set up circles of contacts: family, friends, acquaintances and custom special interest circles. So for ...

Shoshone Falls

Paul Decelles

During the last week in May and first week in June, I went to Boise Idaho to visit my sister and do some sightseeing. Idaho has some of the most interesting geology and geography of any state and so combining family with hiking and picture taking and geology seemed like ...

The humblest of flowers.

Paul Decelles

Yesterday I was at Clinton Lake with my camera but didn't get a whole lot of shots-wrong lens for the conditions. But this little bloom in the sun caught my eye: leading to this line: "The humblest flowers have their moment in the light even if no one is watching."

Here we go again!

Paul Decelles

Looks like it's open season on science again. Michelle Bachmann has decided that schools should teach intelligent design, according to CNN. [][1] She allegedly said, after professing her belief in intelligent design: "What I support is putting all science on the table and then letting students decide. I don't think ...

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