Cup O' Joel

Thanks, Lawrence

Joel Mathis

Thank you, Lawrence.Thank you for being blue in a sea of red. Thank you for being gay-friendly. Thank you for being different than everything I grew up with in Kansas and wanted to escape. But thank you for still being part of Kansas, anyway, and teaching me to learn to ...

Chief Justice John Roberts and the birth of American empire

Joel Mathis

*Just a note: I no longer work for the Journal-World. The views expressed here are my own. This is cross-posted at my new professional digs,*LAWRENCE, Kan. -- Though he has been Chief Justice of the United States for nearly three years, John Roberts still seems to be a bit ...

Rock chalk -- the video

Joel Mathis

Just me and 20,000 of my closest friends.

The Natural History Museum

Joel Mathis

BullSmitty, a Cup O' Joel reader - and who isn't? - sends along the following:"Joel, regarding your call for all things favorite in Lawrence I have one for you. The link after this message is to the KUNatHistoryMuseum YouTube homepage and the video titled "KU Natural History Museum: Highlights" is ...

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