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Local first responders had a hand in mega-size American flag at Chiefs home-opener

On Sunday, local first responders were spotted on the field at Arrowhead Stadium for the Kansas City Chiefs home-opener.

Okay, so you may have needed binoculars to actually spot them from the stands — unfurling a pro-football field-sized American flag by hand requires a lot of hands, and Lawrence area first responders made up just a few of those doing the honors.

The Lawrence Police Department and Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical representatives donned their dress uniforms to participate and posted a few photos on their social media accounts with more close-up views.

None by Lawrence Police

According to the Chiefs, the day’s official American flag holders were first responders from “throughout Chiefs Kingdom.” The Chiefs went on to beat the Philadelphia Eagles, 27-20.

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Roundup of weekend antics; Man allegedly stole an eclectic mix from downtown stores; Medical emergencies in your neighborhood

I thought it was a relatively quiet weekend in the public safety world, based on the fact that I never had to leave the pool for a crime scene on my days off. But after checking the police blotter Monday, it appeared that not everyone else had such a relaxing time.

Below is my tally of noteworthy calls made to dispatch between Friday afternoon and Monday morning, according to the Lawrence Police Department’s call log.

*It should be noted that not all of these calls yielded police reports, as a number of them may have gone unsubstantiated. The idea of this is to clue you in on what types of calls our local law enforcement is responding to.


  • Disturbances (a.k.a. verbal or physical fights): 17, plus one with a weapon.
  • Battery: 1
  • Domestic disturbance: 13
  • Fight in progress: 5

Property crimes

  • Thefts: 28
  • Auto burglaries: 2
  • Burglary attempt: 2
  • Stolen vehicle: 1
  • Armed robbery: 1
  • Criminal damage to property: 3

Vehicle accidents

  • Noninjury accidents: 6
  • Injury accidents: 3


  • Drug activity reports: 3


  • Medical emergencies (not a full list, just instances when police presence was warranted): 11
  • Alcohol poisoning: 3
  • Suicide attempts: 3


  • Fireworks: 9
  • Indecent exposure (typically reports of public urination): 3

You may have noticed there were a lot of thefts reported in that call roundup. My count of 28 total calls reporting theft was between about 3:30 p.m. Friday to around 9 a.m. Monday, alone. That may seem like a lot – and it is – but not extraordinarily unusual for Lawrence. I typically notice anywhere from 10 to 25 thefts over a three-day-period during summer months.

What could be considered unusual was the eclectic mix of items one suspect in a string of downtown burglaries is accused of stealing. Lawrence police spokesman Sgt. Trent McKinley said a man – listed on Douglas County Jail booking logs as Chad Brian Sarnstrom – was arrested around 6 p.m. Friday on suspicion of felony theft from at least three businesses within 72 hours.

The person who called dispatch about Sarnstrom reported the man was intoxicated near Wheatfields Bakery and Café, 904 Vermont St., and had a “large bag that had numerous stolen items inside,” McKinley said. The following is a list of items Sarnstrom is accused of stealing:

  • 12 cellphone cases from SetCell, 11 W. Ninth St., valued at $182.
  • One backpack from Third Planet, 846 Massachusetts St., valued at $20.
  • One framed blue morpho butterfly photo and two pairs of silver and turquoise hoop earrings from Earthbound Trading Company, 916 Massachusetts St., valued at $55.
  • One black Labrador stuffed animal and a Litehawk remote controlled helicopter from The Toy Store, 936 Massachusetts St., valued at $189.
  • Three silver Kansas University necklaces from Kansas Sampler, 921 Massachusetts St., valued at $39.
  • Two packs of React gum from Discount Tobacco, 15 W. Ninth St., valued at $1.69.
  • Four bottles of perfume, two Geneva watches, three bracelets, three silver necklaces, one wooden necklace and a black messenger bag from Weaver’s Department Store, 901 Massachusetts St. McKinley said that a value of the Weaver’s items was not listed on the police report.

Downtown stores allegedly burglarized

Downtown stores allegedly burglarized by Caitlin Doornbos

For an interactive version of this map, click here.

Lawrence police recovered a stolen car around 12:30 a.m. Saturday after someone reported seeing the stolen car in a parking lot in the 2500 block of Ousdahl Road, McKinley said. Officers contacted the owner, searched the car for fingerprints and towed the car. No suspect was mentioned in the police report, McKinley said.

Police responded to a report of an armed robbery just before 2 p.m. Sunday. The victim, a male, told officers that a man who’d done “some work for the victim at an auction in Topeka” approached him demanding immediate cash payment for his services, McKinley said. The suspect allegedly said that the check the victim gave him for the work hadn’t gone through.

The suspect then allegedly told the victim that if he didn’t give him “all (his) money,” he would shoot the victim. The victim said that the suspect never displayed a weapon, but that the victim gave his wallet to the suspect. The victim told police the suspect then took $400 from the wallet and left, McKinley said. As of Monday afternoon, the suspect had not been located.

If you saw sirens in your neighborhood this weekend, it may not have been a crime, but actually a medical call. With McKinley’s (very much appreciated) help, I’ve collected the following list of medical emergencies Lawrence police assisted Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical on over the weekend:

  • 8:19 p.m. Friday in the 2100 block of West 25th Street
  • 9:04 p.m. Friday, location unknown
  • 6:32 a.m. Saturday, 1500 block of Tennessee Street
  • 10:46 p.m. Saturday, 600 block of West Ninth Street
  • 2:09 a.m. Sunday, 200 block of West 11th Street
  • 12:13 p.m. Sunday, 400 block of Pleasant Street
  • 4:38 p.m. Sunday, 1500 block of Inverness Drive
  • 6:48 p.m. Sunday, 2400 block of Melrose Lane
  • 11:51 p.m. Sunday, 2500 block of East 27th Terrace
  • 3:06 a.m. Monday, 1300 block of New Jersey Street
  • 8:21 a.m. Monday, 2400 block of Melrose Lane

Medical emergencies

Medical emergencies by Caitlin Doornbos

For an interactive version of this map, click here.

Did you see anything this weekend that I didn’t have listed here? Comment below with the time and date, and I’ll see if I can dig something up for you.