Confessions of a Gen Y Progressive

AMC's Spread The Dead Contest

Daniel Kennamore Sign up for the ‘Spread the Dead’ contest to celebrate the premier of The Walking Dead on AMC. Click the link to sign up, infect your friends, then join the hordes watching the premiere October 31st at 10/9c on AMC!

Domestic Terrorism

Daniel Kennamore

The mainstream media is mislabeling certain actions being perpetrated by members of the extreme right since the passage of the health-care bill. Currently on the politics front pages of MSNBC & CNN stories about 'vandalism' of Democratic members of congress since the vote this Sunday evening appear (nothing of Fox ...

Why I'm concerned about Democrats being in a large majority

Daniel Kennamore

Like the title of my blog states, I’ve got a confession to make: I (as an extremely progressive democrat) am not entirely happy with our sudden surge in national politics. Crazy right? Well here’s why…I think one of the strengths of our government comes from the fact that it is ...

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