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Could the Big 12 be overrated?


The TV in my room has gotten to the point of being insulting to the sports junky that I am. The 12-inch Toshiba disaster is such that when you're watching games, you can't even see the score in the corner of the screen. Not exactly a good sign.The digital age caught up to my TV and I had to take action. Thursday was my day off, so I went to Best Buy and placed an order for an upgrade. I'm not sure how I'm going to get rid of my old TV. The thought recently crossed my mind of dropping it down a flight of stairs or beating the darn thing with a baseball bat, but that's likely because I just finished watching Season 3 of Prison Break on DVD. Knowing me, I'll probably just take the Goodwill donation route.Despite having the night off, I didn't think adding to my expenses would be the best option, all due respect to the underrated atmosphere of the Eldridge on Thursdays. So I stayed in and checked out some Big 12 stuff online instead.[Let's start with this rather puzzling piece from the Bleacher Report][1]: Despite having five teams ranked in the Top 14 of this year's AP football poll, the Big 12 is overrated, so says the article. I have to give this guy credit. He did his research and crunched numbers like he was taking an advanced calculus exam.But come on - overrated? Not in 2008. If you take a look at the statistics, you'll see that the analysis stems from the past five years. Thing is, the Big 12 went from being a good conference to a great conference just last year, with the emergence of Kansas and Missouri. The Big 12 went 5-3 in bowl games last year, second only to the SEC (7-2). I don't think you can call the Big 12 overrated for the upcoming season based on a study from the past five years. The conference has changed since then. The spread offense is new and making defensive coordinators everywhere weep. Coaches have been shuffled and programs are different than they were five years ago (see Kansas and Missouri again).The Einstein-esque statistics are nice, but it's overanalysis. If we're talking 2008, give me Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas Tech, Texas and Kansas (in that order) against any other conference, one through five, and I'll take my chances.Elsewhere, [ESPN.com blogger Tim Griffin ranks the best football coaching jobs in the Big 12][2], taking into account factors of prestige, livability of the city, tradition, facilities and the chance to succeed at the national level. Here's his list:1. Texas 2. Oklahoma 3. Nebraska 4. Texas A&M 5. Colorado 6. Missouri 7. Texas Tech 8. Oklahoma State 9. Kansas 10. Baylor 11. Kansas State 12. Iowa StateThoughts?Also, isn't it hilarious that the last two teams on that list will square off [in epic battles in 2009 and 2010][3] at Kansas City, Mo.'s Arrowhead Stadium? UT-OU in Dallas at a neutral site? Sure. KU-Mizzou at Arrowhead? Fine. Kansas State-Iowa State? I'd rather watch the Little League World Series live at Kauffman Stadium.As always, discuss. Ten days until Prison Break returns to my TV - thankfully, I'll have an upgraded model by then! [1]: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/48622-the-numbers-dont-lie-the-big-12-is-overrated [2]: http://myespn.go.com/blogs/big12/0-1-237/Ranking-the-Big-12-coaching-jobs.html [3]: http://www.kstatesports.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=400&ATCLID=1566055


Raider 9 years, 9 months ago

I think the Big 12 is going to be fairly balanced this year. There will be five exception teams, 3 good teams, 2 average teams and 2 horrible teams. What we're going to see is the top 5 teams simply beat each other up. I don't think we will have an undefeated team heading to Arrowhead on 12/06. Record-wise this might make the league look overrated, but that won't be the reality. All that being said, the Big 12 is going to be just as tough as the SEC this year, and perhaps a little tougher. I think you will have KU and MU battle it out for the North, and the South will be a three-way battle betwen OU, UT and Tech. I think Tech finally (hopefully) has the horses on D to slow the big boys down, and can make a run at the South title. Look for the Aggies and the Cowboys to play a spoiler role for one of these three teams. Both won't be that good this year, but they will sneak an upset on someone. The same thing can be said for both Nebraska and Colorado. KU's biggest trap game (besides USF) will be the game in Lincoln.My prediction:NorthMUKUCUNUKSUISUSouth:TTUOUUTATMOSUBUBig XII Championship - Tech over MU is a close one. Both schools represent the league in a BCS game this yr.Tech - FiestaMU - OrangeKU - CottonOU - HolidayUT - Sun

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