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Adequate funding makes the difference


Service can only be good if funds are adequate. Until the current administration, Amtrak has been starved for funds. The highway system has been well funded over the years while alternative public transportation systems, such as passenger rail, have not. Passenger trains in Europe and Asia are adequately funded by the government. That's why they are efficient, reliable, pleasant and popular.

The train crew gets grouchy when the equipment fails, which it does, because it is old and can't be maintained without government funds. However, in my experience on Amtrak, passengers and conductors are a patient lot and return respectful treatment when given.

Amtrak is improving but facing tremendous obstacles due to loss of the industry necessary to upgrade and fabricate new equipment. Support and encouragement to our representatives to vote for passenger rail enhancement programs is the most promising action citizens can take now to improve passenger rail travel in the USA.


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