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What is more unpopular: Congress or Obamacare?

Right out of the chute, it appears the 2014 campaign for U.S. House District 2 will be a contest to determine which is more unpopular: Congress or Obamacare.

Earlier this week, Democrat Margie Wakefield, of Lawrence, announced she is contemplating a run against three-term incumbent Lynn Jenkins, R-Topeka.

In her release, Wakefield said, “People perceive that the system is broken. I find it unconscionable that Congress continues to ignore the serious and complex issues facing our nation."

In response to Wakefield's announcement, Bill Roe, a spokesman for Jenkins, put out a release saying that Wakefield "hearts Obamacare," which is the federal health care overhaul called Affordable Care Act.

When asked what he meant, Roe said he was referring to a "like" on Wakefield's Facebook page of an internet link to get a free "I (heart symbol) Obamacare" sticker.

Roe added, "Congresswoman Jenkins' opposition to that legislation is consistent with public opinion of 2nd District residents and that has been reflected at the ballot box."

Wakefield responded, saying, "The health care law is not perfect, but when I’m elected to Congress I will work to fix it. Lynn Jenkins has no interest in fixing it, just scoring political points.”

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