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Lawrence’s Robert Eye helps get victory in Texas nuke battle

Robert Eye, an attorney from Lawrence, has won a big battle in Texas against the licensing of two nuclear reactors.

Last week, Luminant suspended its application to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to build two new reactors at the Comanche Peak nuclear power plant, about 80 miles southwest of Dallas.

"The decision to quit Comanche Peak 3 and 4 is a victory for the public's health, the environment and the economy," said Eye, who represented the Sustainable Energy & Economic Development Coalition, the lead intervenor opposing the reactors.

"Had these reactors been built they would have created a long-term drag on the economy and caused serious public health and environmental problems and would have wasted vast quantities of precious water," Eye said.

A Dallas Morning News report said that Luminant's application remained on file with the NRC, leaving open the possibility that it might expand at some point. But it also said that Luminant's partner in the project, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, was focusing on getting its nuclear reactors in Japan back in operation.

And nuclear power analysts have said that because of low energy costs and stagnant demand, probably no new reactors will be built in the United States for several years, other than those already under construction.