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The USS Constitution Sails Again!

"Today, Sunday, August 19th, the world’s oldest commissioned warship will sail under its own power for just the second time in more than a century. The U.S.S. Constitution will be tugged from its berth today and out into the main deepwater pathway of Boston Harbor. This event commemorates the battle in which she won her famous nickname “Old Ironsides.” The historic naval engagement against the British frigate HMS Guerriere took place on August 19, 1812, exactly 200 years ago today.

Chief Petty Officer Frank Neely, a Constitution spokesman and crew member, said that the crew of 65, accompanied by 150 sailors selected to take part, wants to honor the ship with today’s sailing, and to celebrate the completion of a three-year restoration project. While only four of the Constitution’s 36 sails will be unfurled, that should be enough to move the vessel at a minimum of 5 mph (anything over 15 mph would put too much stress on her hull). But the wind forecast for today looks favorable."
(From Legacy Genealogy)

I knew a man who was a direct descendant of Isaac Hull, the commander of the Constitution during it's fight with the British warship, Guerriere, that led to it's nickname, "Old Ironsides". He has since, sadly, passed away. But prior to that he gave me a poem (actually, lyrics to an old song that was set to the music of an even older, Irish song).

The Constitution and the Guerriere

It oft-times has been told, that the British seamen bold Could flog the tars of France so neat and handy, Oh! But they never met their match, till the Yankees did them catch Oh, the Yankee boys for fighting are the dandy, Oh.

The Guerriere, a frigate bold, on the foaming ocean rolled Commanded by proud Dacres, the grandee, Oh! With as choice a British crew as ever a rammer drew Could flog the Frenchmen two to one so handy, Oh!

When the frigate hove in view, says proud Dacres to his crew, "Come clear the ship for action and be handy, Oh! To the weather-gage, boys, get her." And to make his men fight better Gave them to drink, gunpowder mixed with brandy, Oh!

Then Dacres loudly cries, "Make this Yankee ship your prize, You can in thirty minutes, neat and handy, Oh! Twenty-five's enough, I'm sure, and if you'll do it in a score I'll treat you to a double share of brandy, Oh!"

The British shot flew hot, Which the Yankees answered not Till they got within the distrance they called handy, Oh! "Now," says Hull unto his crew, "Let us see what we can do, If we take this boasting Briton we're the dandy, Oh!"

The first broadside we poured carried her mainmast by the board Which made this lofty frigate look abandoned, Oh! Then Dacres shook his head, and to his officers said, "Lord! I didn't think those Yankees were so handy, Oh!"

Our secon told so well that their fore and mizzen fell, Which doused the royal ensign neat and handy, Oh! "By George!" says he, "We're done!" And they fired a lee gun While the Yankees struck up Yankee Doodle Dandy, Oh!

Then Dacres came on board to deliver up his sword. Tho'loth was he to part with it, it was so handy, Oh! "Oh! Keep your sword," says Hull, "For it only makes you dull, Cheer up, and let us have a little brandy, Oh!

Now, fill your glasses full, and we'll drink to captain hull And so merrily we'll push around the brandy, Oh! Johnny Bull may boast his fill, let the world say what it will, The Yankee boys for fighting are the dandy, Oh!

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