Sharpening My Pen

The New Cold War

Cait McKnelly Although I am not yet fully sure how I feel about the whole WikiLeaks mess, I agree that the US military and government keep way too many secrets. There are secrets kept by this government that the US people *should* know; among them the fact that North Korea gave ...

Semper Fi

Cait McKnelly

Happy Birthday to the United States Marine Corps.

Political Punishment

Cait McKnelly

It's very interesting to me that all the right wing can think of is "punishing" people for voting in a *black* Democratic president. There's absolutely nothing being said about leadership, statesmanship and bipartisanship. Just, "We're gonna get you suckas and make you PAY for doing this!" If pundits want to ...

The Rise of the New "Nazism".

Cait McKnelly Facebook says, "What's on your mind?' .Indeed, this is on my mind and it's worrisome. Not because I "want to see the Dems win (or lose)" or I "want to see the Republicans win (or lose)". This worries me because these people are outright crackpots that want to see ...

Texas Drops Thomas Jefferson Like a Hot Potato

Cait McKnelly

The Texas State Board of Education has decided to drop any mention of Thomas Jefferson and the Age of Enlightenment from it's curriculum. Jefferson was a Christian but also a philosopher and along with Locke, Hobbes, Voltaire, Hume and others was one of the most influential philosophers of his period. ...

Dancing Skeletons Anyone?

Cait McKnelly

Why does this column focus solely on Christianity? This is no "Faith Forum" as it totally ignores any other religion. Why not be honest and call it the "Christian Forum"? Halloween is Samhain (pronounced Sow-in) and is the traditional New Years Day of Celtic and other European pagan faiths, including ...


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