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BUS on fire


So yesterday going down Maine Street there is a bus and it's rear end is up in flames. I see the driver jump out the doors. I also see people behind it just watching, not moving out of the way. I turn around in a driveway as there is no way I am going by the huge flames. I was also waiting for the explosion. Finally police and fire engines show up as I had already made it around the block down to fifth street so as not to be a hinderance to the emergency folks. Now I have checked the on-line version yesterday and today for any "breaking news" and there is no mention of this. The whole entire back end of the bus was on fire, not just sparking, fire and black roiling smoke. It was in front of Internal Med's offices too. I would've thought this would have been "breaking news" yesterday. What gives?


twaldaisy 9 years ago

Sorry never blogged before I didn't think it went thru the first time or even the second. Did not mean to repeat it three times.

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