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3 Lawrence bars named top spots for bros

A hearty congratulations to a trio of Lawrence establishments that made a list of the top 100 college bars for bros by the esteemed cultural periodical (part 1 | part 2).

Bullwinkle's (No. 69), Jayhawk Cafe (aka The Hawk, No. 59) and the Wheel (No. 35) all placed among drinking institutions such as the University of Arizona's Dirtbag's, Ohio University's Broney's, Mizzou's Harpo's and your top bro bar, Indiana University's Kilroy's Sports Bar.

(Side note: I may or may not have frequented several of these bars. Certainly not Miami University's Brick Street nor Benchmark in Chicago.)

So how do the scribes at explain the Lawrence bars' inclusion?

The Bull: "Established in 1920, the Bull's survived its rough jaunt in Prohibition, developing beautifully into to one of KU’s premier drinking establishments." It gives the bar props for great service and "outdoor swag."

The Hawk: "This place gets pretty silly (the ladies gon’ feel me), especially on dollar Wednesdays." Bonus points for being around nearly 100 years (Google says it originally opened in 1919).

The Wheel: "The finest of our Lawrence spots, Wagon Wheel is one for tradition--and therefore, everlasting memories." A reader notes it's a favorite among visiting ESPN crews.

The criteria for inclusion is a bit suspect, but bros will be bros.

A College Bro's bar of choice is not so much a defining factor as it is THE defining factor of what he'll ultimately get out of his sacred four years. Choosing the right booze den has many idiosyncracies, often a function of mood, talent, and overall alcohol friendliness. Yet at the end of the day, there's always those tried and true spots that'll emerge head and shoulders above the rest of them, with forays on beer-soaked floors leading to endless memories both at the venue and in the sheets.

The omission of It's Brothers! is perhaps glaring, but the bar's Champaign, Ill., location got a mention.