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Today BoydaBloc (http://boydabloc.blogspot.com), the largest and most active pro Nancy Boyda blog on the Internet, arrives at the LJWorld!Our blog has been active since the middle of October 2007, and we're dedicated to just one premise: keeping Nancy Boyda in office. To achieve that goal, we try to spread the good word about her successes, and we proudly defend her against the attacks she suffers from the right wing wackos nationwide.Today we aren't positive how often will post here, but we think we plan to cross post nearly all of our posts from the main blog.Glad to be here, and we hope you visit us often (we love comments!)http://boydabloc.blogspot.com


Paul Decelles 10 years, 3 months ago


I am sure you will find plenty of right wing wackos, and to be completely fair, some left wing ones around as well. eg

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