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Boyda continues to be right on illegal immigration, NAFTA


Cross posted from BoydaBloc http://boydabloc.blogspot.comJust a couple of the items from the mailer: Boyda was one of the only Democrats to oppose efforts in the House and Senate to grant amnesty to illegal immigration, and Boyda successfully pushed a bill to near- unanimous approval to prevent a Bush Administration plan to allow unsafe Mexican trucks to drive deep into the United States.Another issue Boyda mentions in her mailer has continued to garner her press mentions: her bill to require the renegotiation of NAFTA:Boyda and Kaptur, the lead sponsors, aren't waiting for the study. They want NAFTA renegotiated, now. If the negotiations do not produce 5 specific, concrete improvements, the bill says the U.S. must withdraw from NAFTA."NAFTA is dragging down our economy, weakening our borders, and devastating our manufacturers. After 14 years, it's time to either fix NAFTA or get the heck out of it," Boyda, the lead sponsor, told a radio show in Wichita, announcing the bill. "Even supporters admit NAFTA is deeply flawed, but nobody has the guest to fix the problem." (http://www.pww.org/article/view/12293/)One thing is undeniable: Congresswoman Nancy Boyda is representing her district better than it has seen since the early 1990's, particularly on illegal immigration and on trade.(Visit our main blog for reference links for the above quote and other items. Thanks!)


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