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"Thanks, Nancy!"


In late January, we challenged all of you to create a YouTube video for Congresswoman Nancy Boyda. The YouTube revolution has changed the way people campaign, and we thought it was high time Congresswoman Boyda was part of that new wave of campaigning.The response was great- so awesome we decided that we couldn't really post them all here for you to see. So, we got together and picked out a winner. It just so happens our winner was one of the very last one's received, and it's quite topical: It thanks Nancy Boyda for defending our civil liberties since she's been our member of Congress.And, here it is...click on it a couple thousand times, and share it with your friends. And, most of all, do exactly what it says- say "thank you" to Congresswoman Boyda for all she's done for us!Thanks again to the entrants...keep sending them in!


jasonc_22 10 years, 1 month ago

this is pretty dang good....thanks for posting it!

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