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Kansans Deserve More Senate Debates


Slattery/ Roberts Debate Update Having now watched the debate at the Kansas State Fair, I have no idea what anyone had to say. The television coverage of the debate was terrible. The viewer couldn't hear the questions being asked let alone what the candidates actually had to say. Sen. Roberts has to debate Jim Slattery in a setting where a real television station can tape and air the debate. And preferable air in prime time so that voters can watch the debate for themselves before the two candidates can spin a long list of talking points to the news media. Side Note- If you didn't notice, there was a large crowd of Roberts' supporters in matching t shirts in the crowd. It is interesting to note that the Roberts campaign actually bused in a tour bus full of supporters and paid for their entry into the state fair. That is a pretty good chunk of change to make sure you have supporters in the crowd. Bus Rental + Gas + 50 t shirts + 50 state fair tickets = Buying a Cheering Section Sen. Roberts claims that he agreed to 3 debates because that is what presidential elections do, but the problem with that is that with presidential debates the audience viewing at home can hear the questions that are being asked and the answers the candidates are giving. How are Kansans suppose to decide who to vote for if the can't hear the answers to the questions?


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