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Bush's Trip to Topeka could cost taxpayers $200,000


Last week Congresswomen Nancy Boyda's office issued a news release about a rally the congresswomen would be holding open to the public just one day before President Bush will be in town only for a private fundraiser for Lynn Jenkins. The news release informed voters that they would be footing the bill for Lynn Jenkins to co-host a private fundraiser featuring President Bush and the Republican National Committee. Items that it outlined that tax dollars would be paying for is the use of Air Force One which the news release estimated at of $56,518 per hour. Also it said that taxpayer dollars would be used "for transportation, food, and lodging for the President's staff and Secret Service detail. And you'll pay overtime for the Topeka Police Department and Topeka Fire Department to provide a motorcade escort and traffic control."The Boyda campaign guesses that this will result in a charge of $100,000 to $200,000 of taxpayers' funds to be spent "so that Lynn Jenkins can pose for $5,000 photo ops to support her campaign."So here is the question, does it seem like it is a good use of taxpayer money for the President of the United States to fly all the way to Kansas only to attend a private fundraiser for a political candidate?It seems to me if the taxpayers are going to be footing the bill, the President should at least attend some sort of event open to the public. At least when the President came to town to support Jim Ryun he went to the expo center and the tickets were free to get in so the public would at least get the chance to see the President. This is just a classic example of how unpopular President Bush is and how desperate Lynn Jenkins is for funds. President Bush can only turn out the very extreme of the Republican Party but those are big donors will to shell out the federal limit and Lynn Jenkins needs the funds infused into her campaign. The problem is that Lynn Jenkins doesn't want the media to run endless stories about her and the President with photos because then the people of the 2nd district would see how far to the right Lynn Jenkins has really run. So instead she will only be seen with the President behind closed doors. Cite: http://www.nancyforcongress.com/node/51And the "Rally with Congresswoman Nancy Boyda" facebook event page


bull_in_a_china_shop 9 years, 9 months ago

It is rediculous that we are footing this bill. Why not have a rally and raise money for the republican party. At least try to hide that it's only for one person. Lie to us, that's what they are good at!!!!

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