NOW is the time to buy an American car.


NOW is the time to buy an American car. The dealers WANT your business, BAD. I know from personal experience. Holy cow do they want your money. Like I said, NOW is the time to buy.

Community Cost/Benefit Analysis Suggestion


Since Lawrence has had study after study done for this, that, and the other thing, I have a suggestion:Why not do a Cost/Benefit Analysis performed in regards to the University of Kansas and its impact on the community as a whole? Of course to remain impartial and unbiased, the people ...

Would you buy an American car?


Would it be safe to buy an American car these days with them on the brink of financial collapse? It is easy to surmise that if they go under the parts suppliers will as well. If you bought an American made car and the Big 3 went under, could you ...

Citizens Of Lawrence, You Have 48 Hours


A computerized voice comes on your answering machine: "This is the *static garble" of Lawrence. As of 6:00 pm this evening, you are hereby given notice that you have 48 hours to remove any snow or ice from your sidewalk. Failure to comply within this period will result in a ...

Blog Draft Entries


On occasion I'll have draft entries get posted without my doing. I am wondering what is up with that? It'll show up as a draft but then later on it'll post. I always make sure I check "Save this as a draft instead of publishing" but days later I'll notice ...

Fisher Price doll says, "Islam is the light."


I was at Target last week looking for a Christmas gift for one of my children. I came across a doll from Fisher Price. It says, "Mama," and other things - it says "Islam is the light." The attached news story says it also says "Satan is king" but I ...

I-70 West Exit to Re-open


It'll have a new roundabout. I didn't realize the housing and K-Mart Distribution was SO close to the exit. It looks pretty nice.

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away...


What would happen if you ate 30 apples in one sitting? Would you be in perfect health for a month?Someone try this and get back to me.

Where is this 70% that voted for new sales taxes?


In a so-called educated community such as Lawrence, how in the world did the T Bus win 70% of the vote, seriously? Was it because we were gonna get bent over regardless of the outcome? Let's see, it was pass the sales tax attaching the paratransit to it, or the ...

Let the Big 3 Reorganize


Big Unions want a big part of the bailout money. I say, let the Big 3 file bankruptcy, reorganize, get rid of the unions so US car manufacturers can compete with the Japanese car manufacturers. It costs the equivalent of $70 per man hour to make a US car due ...

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