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Why do so many millionaires want a new library paid by us?


Why do so many millionaires want a new library paid for by us?

Yes, I checked the "vote yes for the library" website, and found it interesting the steering committee is made up of quite a few millionaires. This was after driving around town and seeing all the signs. It made me wonder who is backing this $18,000,000 expansion? (That's $900 per square foot for an extra 20,000 square feet of space) - THAT would also have to be the most expensive building ever constructed in Lawrence's history - if anyone can give me a more expensive building or expansion, I'm all ears.

Then it made me wonder, why aren't all these millionaires paying for the new library? Why must its cost be put on the backs of the "little people?"

If this so-called regional attraction's expense can be justified, how is someone from say, St. Joe or Wichita supposed to return a book they check out? Can someone from St. Joe or Wichita even check out a book? Also, who are all the groups that got turned down from having a meeting because Lawrence didn't have enough meeting space? I'd like to see the names produced.

In these tough economic times, shouldn't the haves be taking care of the have nots? It's a progressive way of thinking isn't it? Why don't the millionaires that back the library put up (the money) or shut up and leave the rest of us alone?


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