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Just finished another Susan Wittig Albert novel titled Wormwood. It's a China Bayles mystery. This time the intrepid Ms. Bayles is visiting a Shaker village in Kentucky with her friend. The friend suspects that all is not right in the Village - suspicious activities have been occurring and all is not well with the finances. The village is a tourist attraction featuring reenactors and is funded by a foundation.

Albert uses a great technique in this book. The chapters have events told from China's point of view interspersed with journal entries and letters from the year 1912, when events were unfolding in the Village that would eventually lead to its dissolution and demise. As a student of history, I found these journals fascinating! The author successfully interweaves TWO mysteries - the one happening in the present day and the one that happened nearly a century ago. Both are solved by China and her friends.

I picked this book up at about 9ish and finished it just after midnight last night. If you ever see me walking around with dark circles under my eyes, I've probably been up later than I should have - reading!

In other news, I made more progress on Under Heaven, by Guy Gavriel Kay. Suffice it to say, the plot thickens! Female ninjas (or some ninja-type warrior), murdered visitors, and flashbacks to encounters with crazed, cannibalistic nomads from the north! This just keeps getting better and better...

The good (or bad) news is, I'm out of books! By which I mean I only have the two I'm working on right now. Time to head back to the library!


Terry Sexton 6 years, 3 months ago

I purchased a couple of China Bayles on amazon per your recommendation. Currently waiting for delivery. I checked out Wittig's site online. She's churned out an impressive body of work.

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