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The Funniest or Best Posting of 2010?

2010 was an eventful year for us posters on LJWorld's comment threads and blogs.

What do you remember as the funniest comment or blog of the year? What was the best overall?

---this year included the ejection of one poster at the end of January (He who shall never be named). Remember Macdonalds got double drive through lanes this year! And they're getting another set. Posters on opposite sides of national politics came together on local issues and humor. Sometimes we commenters help the newspaper with it's editing, too.

---And this year we have had Paul Hahn and Chelsea-Dianne join as active bloggers, contributing to our society. DIST has put up insightful provocative blogs. Then, of course there are the "cuzins" who emerge when a story calls for their presence.

---We also gained Whitney Matthews as our Hall Monitor. How often does she regret this job?

---and while some complain about the quality of comments here, complain about the complaining (LOL) etc., one look at other newspaper and news sites' comment spaces shows that we do pretty well here on LJWorld.

---So, what's your funniest or best for 2010?