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Sad news for a fellow kansan in Wichita

My browser is being weird, I'm not having success at getting the link from the first article on this sad story. this appears twice in the Eagle, the second time is shorter under AP, here's the headline for the longer story:

Driver strikes, kills woman walking her dog Wichita Eagle

in an instant, a husband in his 50s lost his wife and his dog while they were walking the night before thanksgiving. This man and the driver are facing a huge tragedy at this holiday time.

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It felt so good to vote no on Judge Paula Martin today

Today, thanks to our representative democracy, I had the distinct pleasure of voting no on continuence of Judge Paula Martin. This judge has frequently given sentences far too easy to offenders in our community, including to rapists.
emphasized text My suspicion is that others feel the same way.

I sincerely hope the majority voted with me.

thanks for reading.

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Merry Christmas, fellow poster

Merry Christmas, and may god bless us all, every one.

I hope this day is good for you and that you get what you wish for as one or more gifts.

If you care to answer, please post here just what was your best gift or experience for today, Christmas 2011.