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Of pigs, jokes, and marriage.

Yes, after the “lawyer walks into a bar” blog, I have learned that apparently I am a pig. And probably you are too, if you’re a man. Read on, and then you can comment on this yourself: are you also a pig?
Am I a pig?
Are the men who joked on the Thursday story about in-laws becoming outlaws with a knife also pigs then?

That lawyer blog (see link below) was written to celebrate that one of our fellows in this online community is marrying, and marrying a lawyer. Well, according to one posteress who sent me a rather nasty e-mail, I am a pig and don’t have a decent respect for other people, because I posted that! Now, the guy in our community enjoyed the humor on the blog, and said it was fine. But this posteress also made some negative insinuation about him regarding that too.

This posteress was expressing concern for the feelings of the bride-to-be. Honestly, if this posteress had been around when I got married, I think her ears would have painfully turned inside out, and not from the “piggish” men, but from jokes made by my wife’s –female- relatives. Those jokes were very sexual and were about a couple of my personal characteristics.

Where I come from and what I’m used to, there’s always a lot of humor when somebody gets married. When my father got married (yes that was the 50’s) his male relatives pulled a “shivaree,” where they set up all kinds of surprises for the newly married couple to find on their wedding night. This included the typical short sheeting of the wedding bed, changing the content of the groom’s shaving cream can, and other gags. So, when I got married, those jokes sure didn’t bother me, and I told my wife to just laugh with her female relatives.

Several weeks ago, this posteress wasn’t so concerned about the feelings of another when she organized a campaign to ostracize one poster who disagreed with what many of us were doing on a Marion-related blog that got semi-disappeareddeded (semi-deleted). After her nastygram to me, she’s probably already queenbeeing such a campaign against me, or will after the posting of this blog.

I posted the lawyer blog last week, and got her e-mail last week. I’ve waited one week for an apology or something, but nothing has come from her. That member of our online posting community isn't so thin-skinned, and his wife-to-be wouldn't be a successful lawyer if she were thin skinned.

Tim Allen, in his scholarly work “home improvement,” thoroughly demonstrated that all of us men do have an inner pig. But I certainly do not think I am a pig for putting up the “a lawyer walks into a bar” blog. It was simply meant in fun.

Here is an unedited excerpt from that posteress’ e-mail: “ … as I realize that you seem to hold a low level of decent respect for others in the same way my ex did. As my friend put it: Men really are pigs, they choose to ignore social decencies because it suits them, then band together to try to justify their disgraces to others, and thus ignore their consciences. He said it took him until he was in his mid 50's to become far less of a pig himself, … “

---So, are you a pig, sir? Am I? What about the humor that happened when you got married?


“A lawyer walks into a bar …;” He’s marrying a lawyer!

A member of our online community is marrying a lawyer.

I'm seriously hoping that the lawyers among us can share some wisdom for this soon-to-be-husband.

plus, we just don't see enough lawyer jokes, do we?

I could say please keep your entries brief, but I won't.


Pothole Pageant

From the City of Lawrence:

Contact: Megan Gilliland, communications manager, (785) 832-3406

1) Citys pothole patching total up to 2,368

(Lawrence, Ks.) The City of Lawrence street division continued their assault on potholes this week. Since Monday, Jan. 11, a total of 594 potholes were reported through the citys online and telephone reporting systems. These notifications, and surveys by city crews, have resulted in a total of 2,368 potholes patched throughout the community over a two-week period. 85.5 tons of asphalt has been used to patch potholes throughout the community.

We have had three, four-person crews working each day to fill potholes,said Mark Thiel, assistant director of public works. At times, crews are patching the same potholes each day because of high traffic volumes.

One area that crews are patching on a daily basis is the area near the 2nd and Locust intersection. This area sees high traffic volumes daily and, due to construction, is the only access point into the city from north Lawrence. The roadway in this area is scheduled for maintenance in summer 2010.

From Gnome: 594 potholes reported.
2368 total potholes fixed!

Should we do something special for the 5000th pothole?

More snow is coming this winter. Should that winning pothole get a special decoration? Do the pothole patching crews sign their work?

In this blog, you can name your worst pothole of this season and tell why its the mother of all potholes.

public works reporting on the web is at:


What do you want for the Christmas [holiday] season?

What do you most wish for in this Christmas [holiday] season?

It’s been a particularly hard year for me and mine, 2009. I find myself looking forward with eager anticipation to an event. Anticipation is helping me cope. I think many of us have had a hard year.

What are you looking for this Christmas season? No, not the vague, unattainable, “world peace,” or that drop-dead gorgeous girl in the other cubical at work. What is it you really want to see happen, or do this season for Christmas? What will bring the joy of the season to you in this tough time? When I think of my coming event, I catch myself smiling.

For me, it is Christmas Eve service at my church; old fashioned, I know. Sweet, cozy, comforting. Jesus’ birth celebrated in the traditional way. I hope just one or two inches of snow glazes the ground. I hope the temperature won’t be 10F like this moment as I type. Yet, the candles bring light and heat. The Christmas carols’ music rings in ancient celebration. And the love of God is made manifest.

It’s nine days to Christmas. How about you? What do you find your heart anticipating for this Christmas, Kwanza, or Hanukah? Please share it here.


Help Lawrence: hit the gas for God’s Sake!-North Lawrence detour/By Gnome

There's a problem at the North Lawrence detour, but you can't blame this on the officials, the road workers, or the people of North Lawrence.

I was by the detour for a while this afternoon and observed something funny. Drivers are flowing off the bridge onto Elm like water through a Funnel. This part is working swimmingly.

But there's a serious problem causing a lot of backup on that first block of Elm. A few drivers pull up to N. 3rd, and they just sit there! Apparently incapable of applying gas to their motors.

I observed two drivers at different times pull up, and sit for two ... three ... four minutes. In both cases they could have turned left according to the posted detour and continued on N. 3rd. Or, they could have driven east on Elm at that moment.

So, do these drivers have trouble with the concept of a detour? Are they pulling out their pocket dictionaries and looking it up?

Would you introspective types please just help Lawrence and give your car the gas for God's sake!

Are these drivers experiencing some existential crisis as they sit at n. 3rd and Elm? Does the thought of being in a North Lawrence neighborhood require a little mental adaptation? Anybody got any ideas about what's going through their minds at that point in their lives?



Posters’ Personals Confidential

Posters’ Personals Confidential

Here’s my idea: people post their personals type ad, and fellow posters discuss how to make it better, how to find that “tall dark handsome stranger in a cowboy hat,” etc. So, I envision this blog doing two things: posting personals; improving that search for your match. Whether a romance, someone you can ride horses with, or a friendship, post your personal here.

I’ve mentioned this blog was coming for a couple of weeks. Some warnings/disclaimers are at the bottom. I hope we can have fun and treat each other with kindness and respect. A few of the very grumpy LJWorld posters have said that blogs are often just “lonely hearts club” activities. So, with a big laugh at them, I thought we’d really do that!

*Post your personal as “X Seeking Y” at the top, i.e. “Conservative Woman seeks liberal man for steamy relationship.” Then describe who you’re looking for, and yourself. Do it all within one 3000-character post.
Describe yourself, but avoid personally identifiable traits like “I’m the guy who always sits at the last table to the left in Louise’s West.”
No pictures please, let’s use words for this.
Use the LJWorld’s private message system to make contact so no phone numbers, addresses, etc.

Warnings/disclaimers: Remember people may not always be who they seem to be on the Internet.
If you are uncertain about contacting someone or responding to someone who writes you, talk about it with somebody you trust.
If you arrange a first meeting, do it in a safe public place like a restaurant, park, the law enforcement center [lol], or a bar. Please be careful and no one else is liable.
Never ever put up with verbal, physical, or sexual violence toward you or another.
*Only adults should participate.