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Rush Returns to Radio Today.

There was so much care and concern posted for Rush Limbaugh under the article announcing that he'd gone to a Hawaiian hospital to have chest pains investigated. It seemed obvious I should post how to listen, so folks who are so interested could tune him in for themselves.

*You can hear his program live at 11a.m. local time on 980AM KMBZ (KC-MO). His is a three-hour program. KMBZ also repeats Rush's program during the night, like at 1a.m.

*If you have a good receiver or are up north, KFEQ (St. Joseph) 680AM runs his program on a delay beginning at 2p.m.

*on the web is a very informative site on all things Limbaugh. You can sign up to hear his program via the web, or support an overseas service person's subscription to the web broadcast. "Stack of stuff" has lots of great reading.

I was so happy that in all those 120+ posts that nobody posted things falsely attributed to Rush, actual lies, and some of his statements taken out of context. Just as some treated Sarah Palin with such respect, and did not post a virulent lie about her son not really being her son...but I digress.

The tolerant, prejudice-free, ever forgiving, liberals who always welcome people who publicly admit their adictions and get rehabbed. They were so forgiving of Ted Kennedy whose addiction actually killed somebody, so I was glad such care was extended to Rush in all those comments. I am also glad that the tolerant liberals of Lawrence join me in celebrating Rush's clean bill of health; his heart is apparently okay.

So, today you can tune him in. For many who sound off about him, it'll be your first time too.


Study shows “true character” of Greenies—more added

Greenies apparently really lie, cheat, steal, lack altruism, according to a well operated study with good experimental design.

Probably not much difference between Canadian greenies and American greenies, locally such as Merrill.

"Green shoppers" displayed some serious deficits in ethics across the tsks involved in this University of Toronto study.

and yes, global warming is now totally debunked because of the "hide the decline" e-mails, data showing that warming didn't occur in the past ten years, and the Russian IEA says that its climate data was cherry picked.

But then, these folks will lie cheat and steal, so what will they do next to maintain the myth of global warming?