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Fired for being conservative? LHS fires a teacher?

   Fired for being conservative?

What I'm going to write here is based on sketchy information. My hope is that people with information closer to the situation will post here.

This past school year was the first year of teaching for a Lawrence High School teacher in Social Studies, something like history, American Institutions, Western Civ, etc. He came to Lawrence from Arkansas, after teaching there for more than a dozen years.

He and his supportive students learned that his contract will not be renewed. He will be dropped after one year. There is some indication that possibly he is losing his job because he is conservative, and has been open about it in class.

Students of his attended a School Board meeting in late May; they were expected to visit the board yesterday--monday night.

I first learned of this just this evening. I've not been able to get more information on the situation and I hope others with closer knowledge will add theirs here. According to some of his supportive students, they have talked to LJworld about covering this, without gaining any coverage.
Nobody should be fired for being conservative, nor for being liberal. Teachers certainly do have freedom of speech but must balance that with the need to present accurate and balanced presentations of material in class. No student's grade should depend on repeating the indoctrination of a teacher; rather that student should be encouraged to freely arrive at his or her opinions, and know why.


“Barack was a community organizer, like Jesus was.” Really?

Spoken by Democrat Representative Steve Cohen, on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives during the week of 9-11-08. This offensive statement is being printed on bumper stickers and campaign buttons; and is being repeated by Democrat party strategists. Well? Was Barack Obama a community organizer, like Jesus was? I'm not a pastor, minister, or evangelist. I simply ride a pew on Sunday mornings, in a church where we still sing "His truth is marching on." And if you feel as I do, please forward this on to others. ______"Barack was a community organizer, like Jesus was."Jesus started his community organizing after the work of John the Baptist.Barack started his community organizing after the work of Reverend Wright. John the Baptist lived in the wilderness, surviving on locusts and honeycombs.Reverend Wright lives in a sumptuous mansion, in a gated community. John the Baptist preached that people could find peace with God, have their sins forgiven. Reverend Wright taught his people they are victims, and to "kill the white oppressor." Before his community organizing, Jesus was tested and tempted for forty days in the desert, confronting the Devil. Before his community organizing, Barack went to Columbia University, then to Harvard. He won't release his grades. During His community organizing, Jesus said, "suffer the little children to come unto me."During his community organizing, Barack protected the "right" of women to kill their babies, before, during, and after birth. During His community organizing, Jesus taught people to avoid hell and take the redemption God offered.During his community organizing, Barack cared little for his peoples' eternal souls, promoting Marxism and good-works. Jesus wept, when confronted by unbelief. Barack led his people to fight instead. Jesus said "and thou shalt love the lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind and with all thy strength" is the first commandment. Barack thinks this is the first commandment: "what you have done unto the least of these, you have done unto me." Jesus said, "go forth, and sin no more."Barack sought to make people comfortable in their sin. Jesus performed miracles. Barack says he will reverse the waters, and "global warming." When Jesus confronted evil, he cast it out, defeated it.When Barack confronts evil, he prefers a conversation. When Jesus died, he made a way for us to reach God. Barack has made no such sacrifice. When Jesus was done with His community organizing, many people knew the peace that passes all understanding. When Barack was done with his community organizing, people's hearts weren't changed. After Jesus left, people remembered that a man who lives by the sword shall die by the sword. After Barack left, murder and violent crime increased dramatically in South Chicago. "Barack was a community organizer, like Jesus was." If you want to learn more about the Tennessee Representative who said that, take the link below. May God bless America.