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A 2010 Lawrence baby boom? Keeping Warm in the Most Traditional of Ways

Just what was happening in Lawrence nine months ago, less one or two weeks?
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I notice seven births announced in today's online edition of the LJWorld.

Nine months ago was Lawrence's Christmas Eve blizzard. Besides today's birth announcements, I have noticed the question of this blog discussed elsewhere. It is great to remember that blizzard from these hot days of August. Police and fire vehicles got badly stuck in the snow. Snow drifted to heights taller than many men. Snow in that depth stayed for weeks. Much of that snow refused to melt for many weeks.

Are we now in a local baby boom? Why am I connecting this to the blizzard?

For those who don't know, it takes nine months for baby to grow in mother's womb to the time of birth, for most babies. For an extended discussion of how the baby gets there, please refer to Wikipedia or Wikileaks or some place else 'cuz that's not where this blog is going.

It seems that perhaps nine months ago Lawrence residents were keeping warm in the most traditional of ways. Forced to stay inside at home. "so simple, a caveman could do it."

Anybody noticing this baby boom?

What do you remember from the Christmas Eve blizzard?

Will your memory have a name on him or her?