Of pigs, jokes, and marriage.


Yes, after the “lawyer walks into a bar” blog, I have learned that apparently I am a pig. And probably you are too, if you’re a man. Read on, and then you can comment on this yourself: are you also a pig? Am I a pig? Are the men who ...

"A lawyer walks into a bar ...;" He's marrying a lawyer!


A member of our online community is marrying a lawyer. I'm seriously hoping that the lawyers among us can share some wisdom for this soon-to-be-husband. plus, we just don't see enough lawyer jokes, do we? I could say please keep your entries brief, but I won't.

Pothole Pageant


From the City of Lawrence: ================================= Contact: Megan Gilliland, communications manager, (785) 832-3406 1) Citys pothole patching total up to 2,368 (Lawrence, Ks.) The City of Lawrence street division continued their assault on potholes this week. Since Monday, Jan. 11, a total of 594 potholes were reported through the citys ...

Rush Returns to Radio Today.


There was so much care and concern posted for Rush Limbaugh under the article announcing that he'd gone to a Hawaiian hospital to have chest pains investigated. It seemed obvious I should post how to listen, so folks who are *so* interested could tune him in for themselves. *You can ...

Study shows "true character" of Greenies--more added


Greenies apparently really lie, cheat, steal, lack altruism, according to a well operated study with good experimental design. Probably not much difference between Canadian greenies and American greenies, locally such as Merrill. "Green shoppers" displayed some serious deficits in ethics across the tsks involved in this University of Toronto ...

What do you want for the Christmas [holiday] season?


What do you most wish for in this Christmas [holiday] season? It’s been a particularly hard year for me and mine, 2009. I find myself looking forward with eager anticipation to an event. Anticipation is helping me cope. I think many of us have had a hard year. What are ...

Human Trials of H1N1/novel flu? ... waiting, anyone?


In looking at many news sources tonight I learned some things about the H1N1/novel flu vaccine. I already knew that human trials had started in Australia in July, and here in the U.S. in August. I am one who will not get the H1N1 vaccine until the human trials are ...

Vanuatu, 7.8 quake. Anybody have any experience with this Pacific Island nation?


The third pacific massive quake and Tsunami in two weeks has just hit: 7.8 Quake Strikes Off Vanuatu A powerful magnitude 7.8 earthquake has rocked the South Pacific near the Vanuatu archipelago, the U.S. Geological Survey reports, triggering a regional tsunami alert. ---Any readers have any experience with this ...

One thing I agree upon with Mr. Obama: What kind of country ...? #1 in a series of questions by Gnome


Mr. Obama says that it is more than health care. He says it is about what kind of country we want the U.S. to be. Here, I agree. What kind of country do we want America to be? One of many reasons for the backlash against Obamacare has been the ...

Help Lawrence: hit the gas for God's Sake!-North Lawrence detour/By Gnome


There's a problem at the North Lawrence detour, but you can't blame this on the officials, the road workers, or the people of North Lawrence. I was by the detour for a while this afternoon and observed something funny. Drivers are flowing off the bridge onto Elm like water through ...

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