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"Great Migrations" Perfect Last Minute Gift.


The National Geographic series on Great Migrations is amazing, especially the segment on Monarch Butterflies. KU's Monarch Watch director Dr. Chip Taylor has a prominent part in the segment. Click on this link for the music video of the Monarch segment featuring some of the beautiful images. The site also has blogs and background stories on all the productions.

The entire series is now for sale. The price depends on the type. I ordered a DVD and it cost $29 with blue ray $5 more.

If you do order the video, go to the Monarch Watch site and click on the "Amazon Portal" near the top of the home page. In this way, Monarch Watch will receive a percentage of your order. I know they work on a tight budget so if we all do this small thing, it is a win, win situation for all.

If you order right away, you can still get the Great Migrations video by Christmas--a perfect last minute gift with a home town link.


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