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Blame it on craigslist


Last fall we decided to explore buying a four-wheel drive pickup for use around our acreage, specifically to pull a hay trailer. We knew what we wanted, ¾ ton diesel, and how far we would be willing to drive to pick it up (one day).

Watching craigslist became a obsession. Last October I found the truck we wanted in Bolivar, Tennessee. It pushed the distance a bit, but the 2001 Ford truck was in excellent condition and in our price range. Deal was made and we combined a fall foliage road trip to pick it up.

Trouble is, our beloved 2001 Roadtrek Class B motor home also required tags, taxes and tires. After a few tears and much discussion, in March the Trekker went up for sale—on craigslist, of course.

Turns out, others also search this popular sales site outside their home state. Calls came in from all over the country. Either it was the affordable age of the rig or its own web site but within three weeks, we were meeting an excited new owner in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Part of the deal was to help her out by driving that far because she was from Missoula, Montana.

Now here we were, two “old” no, make that “elder” hippies and no van. What to do, but go to, where else, craigslist, to look for the best alternative road trip machine when driving a truck—a pickup camper.

Wouldn't you know, from delivering the Roadtrek to Wyoming, we were headed to Phoenix, Arizona, to visit long time friends. And, on craigslist, there was a 2004 NorthStar popup pickup camper in Payson, Arizona, right on the way. After calling back and forth to make sure everything was on the up and up (something to watch on craigslist) the deal was made. We are back to trekkn'.

So, what started last fall has made full circle. It seems everything has worked out well. Only one problem, we still need a good hay trailer.

I've been watching craigslist. There is one in Oklahoma...


Ronda Miller 8 years ago

So you had everything turn out fine. Good for you, Linda. Sounds like I better start watching Craigslist since I've been in the market for a pop-up.

Happy trails. I'll bet you've made some good friends in the process.

And even better, your blog fans reap the benefit of your travels

Sheila Hooper White 8 years ago

We purchased a dining room table and chairs on craigslist. I had been searching for months for a round oak dining table. It would fit better in our kitchen. I also wanted one that had a leaf so we could make it larger when needed. I searched for a few months and finally found one. We didn't have to drive as far, just about an hour away, but I am very pleased with the purchase.

I was very leary at first, you hear alot of stories, but it all turned out just fine. Now I just like to spend time looking through the local listings to see what people have. I'm also a garage sale junkie so this is a way to curb that desire when it's cold and nasty.

Sounds like you had a good time and made the most of it.

Linda Hanney 8 years ago

Ronda, here is a web site that is easy to use for searching outside the local area. Good luck!


Linda Hanney 8 years ago

dancemom, that's odd, we must have posted at the very same time.

Scanning craigslist is addictive. I will say that some of the calls and emails we had on the RV were not legit. And, I had my listing on the Kansas City list flagged as offensive, which was bazaar. However, it could have been that I listed it on Lawrence & Topeka and they don't like the same ad in close by listings. You do have to be careful, but common sense rules.

Ronda Miller 8 years ago

Thanks, Linda. I'll check it out. I'll let you know if I find one. I don't have much time to search or drive to get one, unfortuantely.

It sounds like with most times when dealing with people, expect the unexpected. Or is that the predictably late!

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