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Road Trip Sandwiches


A sandwich, salad and drink is the perfect road trip meal. It may be hot or cold, fat or thin, open or closed. Sometimes the good ones are hard to locate. If a traveler passing through asked where to find a good sandwich locally, these two would be my suggestion.Grilled Portabella at Wheatfields Bakery . Of course, I would enjoy a butter sandwich with any of their delicious breads.Planet Veggie with among other things, artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, and tangy olive spread at Yello or Planet Sub Both of these favorites are in downtown Topeka.Hot beef sandwich at the Downtowner just east of 6th and Kansas Ave. Worth the trip just for the retro cafe atmosphere.The Reubenstein at Classic Bean. Really, any of their sandwiches named after famous composers are good.On the way to visit family in Colorado we stop for homemade bierocks at Made from Scratch in Wilson, Kansas. It is a good half way lunch stop. Before re entering I70 at the Wilson exit, stop at the Flint Hills Winery tasting room for a bottle of wine, cheese and crackers, almost as good as a sandwich.The Hot Brown was first invented at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. Although the hotel restaurant was closed when we were there, we sampled the hot open faced sandwich at a restaurant recommended by a security guard at Churchill Downs. It was delicious but very rich.A Lobster Roll is easy to find in Maine. Small locally owned walk up places are frequent in the coastal cities. They are good, but quite honestly, I would rather have a fried walleye shore lunch sandwich, the fish freshly caught.A hot dog will certainly taste good when purchased downtown Chicago. Is there a better dog than at a football game? Yes, there is one better at the Art Fair in Breckenridge, Colorado, because it features caramelized onions. Probably the ultimate is a hot dog cooked over a bonfire.If you also have a sudden interested in sandwiches, check out the article, Best Sandwiches in America. Another gathering of lists of sandwiches is at Roadfood. The book, American Sandwich looks like a traveler's sandwich bible.These are my favorites. Additions encouraged.


BrianR 10 years ago

We always road trip with tortillas because they can't get squished like bread.

jystevens 10 years ago

Sourdough Melt at Culver's

Any hot dog at Pinks in Los Angeles

Gyro at The Mad Greek in Lawrence


Eric Neuteboom 10 years ago

On my way to Colorado, a stop at The Cozy Inn (Salina) for a bag of burgers is, depending on time of day, a must stop. Those little suckers will help me make Goodland!

There's also nothing better than traveling home to Kansas from Colorado, and enjoying one of mom's Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches on the road. Too good! All smothered in mayo, with some fresh tomato, yum!

Would also recommend a Johnny's burger, a Reuben from Meers "Country Club" in Meers, Oklahoma, and the green chili burger from Gunther Toody's in Colorado Springs.

Ronda Miller 10 years ago

I miss the cream cheese, sprout, walnut sandwich that they had at Paradise Cafe. I love a good reuben though - and even the sandwich :) A tony burger at Club Land'or in Nassau is terrific, as are their fries. Is it dinner time yet?

Linda Hanney 10 years ago

How could I forget the Cozy Inn. Trouble is, I tend to taste them over and over.....

I'm making a list of the suggestions!

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