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Kansas Small Town Needs Votes


Wilson, Kansas, population 800, has pride.With declining school enrollment and more than one-third the commercial downtown buildings vacant, David Criswell, President of Wilson PRIDE, Inc. decided to write a grant to the Case Foundation, an organization committed to helping cities achieve sustainable solutions to complex social problems.Recently he was informed his city made the Top 20 out of 4,641 applications. Not only is Wilson the smallest community in the Top 20, but the only one in the middle of the US. Other finalist cities include Denver, Colorado, Vancouver, Washington, Chicago, Illinois and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.Placing in the Top 20, awarded the city of Wilson $10,000, which Criswell says, "We will use to do an aggressive community outreach, visioning and goal setting project."If the grant entitled "Wilson For The Ages" gets enough votes to make it to the Top four, they will get an additional $25,000, a significant achievement for the small town midway between Salina and Russell on I70.Wilson needs our on-line votes to compete against the big cities in the competition.Voting is simple. Click here on Case Foundation, vote for four, placing Wilson first, and follow the commands. To record your vote go to your email in-box and click on the link sent to you by the Case Foundation. Hotmail and gmail type accounts might not work. Your internet carrier issued email address is best. Votes must be confirmed by April 22, 2008.After last week, the Lawrence community appreciates the pride that comes with hitting a goal. Help Wilson Kansas hit theirs.


myvotecounts 9 years, 10 months ago

Wilson is a cool town with a fun side. The people in that part of the state have a real work ethic and community spirit.

prairiewinchester 9 years, 10 months ago

It is unfortunate, but Seamus is correct about the adopted black children not being accepted among their peers in the Wilson school system. The parents transferred their children to the Ellsworth school system where they were immediately accepted and are happily entrenched. Their mother works for the school system. The oldest boy was senior homecoming king this year, is an outstanding football player and student and is one of the most popular students in the school. The same can be said for his siblings. It's a wonderful family, but they did have an unfortunate beginning in Wilson. It was an isolated case. Wilson is a fine little community with a great many hard-working people dedicated to its future.

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