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In-Box or Mailbox


The New York Time published an article Sunday, December 16, by Phyllis Korkki entitled Still Choosing the Mailbox Over the In-Box.In the article Ms Korkki noted that today 275 million first-class cards and letters are expected to be mailed. From Thanksgiving to Christmas the USPS estimates 20 billion cards, letters, packages and other pieces of mail will be handled.Korkki goes on to say many thought the Internet would be the beginning of the end of the USPS. Instead, the Internet, especially the online shopping aspect, has created the need for hard copy as well as a service to ship the packages. Consequently, since 2001, the first class volume of mail has remained fairly steady.Finally, Korkki says,"...although email is now a permanent part of the communication landscape, the old-fashioned letter is far from dead...."I agree. It is a great feeling to open my mailbox and find a letter from family or friends. I can reread it as often as I like and save it for reference later when I return the favor. And, sometimes the short three sentence notes are meaningful. My grand kids love to receive a note about something significant in their lives.What do you think. Do you still choose the mailbox over the in-box?


David Lignell 10 years, 4 months ago

Hi Linda,

I guess I like both. it depends on the sender, of course. An email from someone I haven't heard from in awhile is just as meaningful as a card. And with the former, it's easier to reply and exchange updated information - phone #'s, address, etc. I can always print a hard copy to read over again and again.

Ronda Miller 10 years, 4 months ago

I would agree with David in that I tend to use email much more often these days. I do admit to being a little more excited to receive an actual Christmas card or birthday card via regular mail though. Something about knowing the person put extra time and effort into what they picked out and sent to me.

I am so greatful for the speed of emails when it comes to being in touch with my brother in Iraq. I can get emails from him as quickly as if we are instant messaging sometimes.

An interesting side note. I sent packages last Christmas to my brother in Baghdad and my sister in Virginia on the same day and my brother received his first!

David Lignell 10 years, 4 months ago

Okay, I've changed my mind. I DO appreciate a good snail mail over email. By contrast, I'm too lazy (i.e., busy and tired) at times to reciprocate. It's similar to how I receive the news. It's easier to get instant updates via the Internet, but I prefer relaxing in my leather chair with the tactile feel of newsprint leaving ink smudges on my fingers. And, I like to sniff the ink every now and then as well. (I'm sure there was a diagnosis back then in school, but somehow I survived the therapy.)

Hey, I have a holiday break now until January 3rd. Maybe I'll send a few cards to those I love and care about:only with my email address for subsequent correspondence. How's that for a compromise?

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