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Finding Bigfoot

It might be easier to find Bigfoot than you think. I just saw where the Animal Planet show "Finding Bigfoot" is planning an event in the Wichita area and their first townhall meeting is full up. I imagine there will be plenty of good stories. Funny thing about all this, I also find that apparently there are more Bigfoot sightings in Kansas then there are cases of voter fraud. Do you think Bobo the Bigfoot Hunter is going to upstage Kris Kobach? Who do you think would win if they had a celebrity death match? I suppose this diversion is just entertainment for the masses, I mean voter fraud allegations and bigfoot sightings, they are on an even par. With all the strife and problems we face daily how could life go on without these mindless diversions to get our eye off the eight ball? And just how in the in the world do they get people to believe in such hoaxes and scams...I mean seriously, voter fraud? Bigfoot? This is Kansas for crying out loud. We are supposed to be a mindful and level headed bunch of people. Tell us your Bigfoot story...or your voter fraud story...or your Kris Kobach story. We're always up for a good yarn.

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