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What it was, was football

I am saddened by the loss of Andy Griffith. Of the nine million times I have watched the wisdom of Andy. Everything from Romeo and Juliet with the Wakefields and Carters to out thinkin the Darlins, which weren't tough at all. The conversation with Floyd out in front of the barber shop about the weather. "No Floyd. Calvin Coolidge didn't say that". Gomer doing favors for the man that saved his life. Talking dogs. Escape convicts. I'm sure many of us can relate. Farewell Andy. And Gomer, get that gun outta your mouth.

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So we can go fishin

Now I will tell you...sometimes we got to do we we got to do. I gots a cousin in Oklahoma that will stick his arm up some hole....I do better with the other.

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