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I got a basketball jones oh, oooo...

Dear Coach: Please, please don't let our team wear those hideous shorts with that zubaz look thing. It is awful. It would make the whole team look like a Big Bang reject.

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I noticed a piece of news from the current legislative session. Wichita Senator Mike McConnell is introducing a bill that would require the Jayhawks to play the Shockers in basketball and other sports. The reasoning being it is a win/win for Kansas and promotes our proud tradition and fills the building. Frankly, I have not noticed any problems with filling our Field House for games. But think about this, our state has huge budget problems, a whack tax code that our Governor wants to make even worse, battles over school funding and judiciary appointment processes...and all this guy wants to talk about is sticking the legislative nose someplace it has no business being? Leave the schedule to the schools.

With all of our State House issues do you think it is a good idea to waste valuable time with such a piece of legislative nonsense? And is this who Wichita sent to the State Senate instead of Jean Schodorf? Oh lord help us, I think we can all see whats the matter with Kansas on days like this.

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