Alternative to the OTS


I had this cat one time that used to like to get up on the stove anytime I was frying some sausage links. I always really liked links. But apparently Spotty the kitten had a fondness for them too. That stupid cat would actually flip them out of the hot ...

All the Rage


I loves me a big cold nutcracker on a hot summer night. Mango is the best.

I ain't sure


I went to the college. I read all the books. I lived the life with my momma and my kin folk. We've been around a long, long, long time. So why is it now...all of a suddenly...them boys going to tell my and my momma that Socialism is a bad ...

The new blog list page


Uh..yeah. This new page that show the entire blog entry instead of just a list of titles....can go suck a biscuit. I don't like it. Cumbersome and messy come to mind. Now, change it back but go fix me a gin and tonic first...and I like a quarter lime.

Tomorrow is always so cool


I can still remember those days in my youth that would just about make me bust apart at the seams. When I was about 7 years old August 31 would have me wired up like an eight day clock.....cause tomorrow was dove season. And all of those years from then ...

Great Days in June


These are great days to live in, Bros. Today is another Go Barefoot Day. Next Friday is Go Fishing Day. Then on the 25th, it is Take your Dog to Work Day. How cool is that? Along with the solstice on the 21st, we also have Flag Day on the ...

No Big Twelve?


What will happen if Missouir or Nebraska bolt for the Big Ten? Now I see the Pac Ten may be inquiring about the Texas teams. What then. I have known for awhile that life is like the monkey bars and you have to let go of the bar to move ...

Autie: Style Scout


Age: too old for women to care, not old enough for medicare Sign: Open/Closed Hometown: south of here Time in Lawrence: yes Occupation: yes. I work helping people. Part Time socialist. part time cousin. What were you doing when scouted? generally minding my business How would you describe your style? ...

Ain't no tellin where the money went


I was up to Topeka yesterday. I think I got the budget problem deceiphered. All they needs to do is take down about nine gazillion dollars worth of scaffold off the north end of that big ole dome building that sets right in the middle of town....the one that got ...

living proof


We all gots them cousins. I got stucked all weekend with a freak snow storm and got cousins trapped at my house. Momma saids we cain't killl em. So I'd puts up with em drinkin all my beer and eatin up all the gooder foods. But I hide the good ...

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