Where's Waldo, North Africa Style


With rebels at the gates and the despotic regimes falling left and right, where in the world has Muammar el-Qaddafi gone? It seems like just a few short years ago we were blowing his bass boat navy out of the water. Jeez...does that date me? I think he might pop ...

Alternative to todays question


If you was gonna haul a couch about 138.5 miles down the highway next Saturday, tied to the roof of the car, what do you think would be the best way to tie it down and what kind of rope or tie downs would you use? There is a small ...

Last Dance/Last Song/Last Call


The end of the world is nigh. What is the song you want to go out with? I've so many to chose from. But I will go with Steam. From my youth....especially when we were beating the other team, we let off with the chant.....

Big Macs?


I know of a person that claims they can eat 95 Reese's peanut butter cups in one sitting.

We're all doomed and are gonna die

Autie I saw this on MSNBC the other night. A whole show about 2012 stuff. There are more conspiracy theories about this than there are cabs in New York City. Now I question the motive of this joker that claims he is going to jump into the portal a precisely ...

Where is Mr. Deeds?


If I may, I shall rant for a short bit. Why does the federal government not have the sense to budget up to keep the essential services of the government? Or better put, why do those whiny ass Republican legislators gum up the works just to make some ignorant mundane ...

Plea Bargin


Here is a bargin: Just another example of its not what you know or who you know, but can you sing me a song? I remember back in the day ole Vern MIler and "other" undercover narcotics operatives hiding in car trunks and busting college kids. Now all you ...

Corporate Welfare


I recently read my local legislators newsletter and he makes references to some of the current bills and money saving strategies. One of them is this idea of elminating corporate income tax. I'm not an economist. So can somebody explain to me how cutting revenue will help the bottom line ...

Morning Questions


OK, I have two questions today. What is the proper spelling of that guy in Libya that is still only a colonel in his own army? I see it "Quaddaffi" or "Gaddaffi" d, or one f, or two of each. Is there a proper way to spell this Muammer's last ...

Where, O' Where?


All of this recent talk of lieberrys and newer lieberrys got me to thinking of Mad Dog and Thunderbird. What ever happened to Waka1? Where is the boy? I miss his insightful quotable comments.

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