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Now that is is over


Now that the election is over, can Mr. Brownback get on with the business of helping the Insurance Commissioner create a viable and working health exchange? He used the excuse of burying his head in the sand until the election. Well Mr. DoNothing Governor, that is past and the time is running out. The time of complaining and ignoring the Affordable Care Act is over and the time to make it work is here. Gear up and get with the program Sammy boy or please, go get another job. Or as your boss I will take exception and work with the rest of the co-bosses and fire you.


autie 1 year, 5 months ago

I suppose it is a sign of the times. Last night two more states voted to allow same sex marriage, another one shot down an anti gay thing...the two states voted to legalize pot for recreational use. But Sam, he turned down 31.5 million dollars that we could have used to make a top notch computerized exhange for health insurance..then turned around a buried his head in the sand, all the while poor Sandy Praeger is saying, hey dude we need to get this in gear now...And now it here now, not some time down the pike.


RoeDapple 1 year, 5 months ago

Brownback is quoted as having criticized Sweden for allowing same-sex civil unions. "You'll know them by their fruits," He said

It's gettin' damned difficult for old RoeDy to call hisself a Kansas Republican . . .


RETICENT_IRREVERENT 1 year, 5 months ago

Now just waiting to get downsized to 32 hours so my employer can call me part time and not offer health insurance.


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