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Can anyone tell me about the comedy club scene in river city? Do any of the venues have anything like an "open mike" time? Someone close to me is curious. Not me..I can't tell a joke worth a hoot.


Leslie Swearingen 8 years, 7 months ago

I googled my fingers to the bone could not find a darned thing. The Bottleneck has an open mic night on Mondays, but I think that is only for music. Maybe someone will have to start one. The only jokes I know come from Patrick O'Brien. When they are at dinner Maturin is asked to choose which weevil on his plate is the superior one. This was 1805 on board a British naval vessel. "If I had to chose one", Maturin says to Aubrey, "I would chose the larger one". "There I have you", sir, crows Aubrey. "You are dished, because in the service you always choose the lesser of two weevils." Why is the dog watch the shortest? Because it is curr-tailed.

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