Basketball Jones


I got a basketball jones oh, oooo... Dear Coach: Please, please don't let our team wear those hideous shorts with that zubaz look thing. It is awful. It would make the whole team look like a Big Bang reject.

On The Web


I noticed a piece of news from the current legislative session. Wichita Senator Mike McConnell is introducing a bill that would require the Jayhawks to play the Shockers in basketball and other sports. The reasoning being it is a win/win for Kansas and promotes our proud tradition and fills the ...

Finding Bigfoot


It might be easier to find Bigfoot than you think. I just saw where the Animal Planet show "Finding Bigfoot" is planning an event in the Wichita area and their first townhall meeting is full up. I imagine there will be plenty of good stories. Funny thing about all this, ...

Now that is is over


Now that the election is over, can Mr. Brownback get on with the business of helping the Insurance Commissioner create a viable and working health exchange? He used the excuse of burying his head in the sand until the election. Well Mr. DoNothing Governor, that is past and the time ...

Inquiring Minds Want to Know


Why is it, when I click between articles, that sometimes the most discussed list will come up with a bunch of "chat with so and so"? I would think the Sven references would have all been packed up and put away deep in the archives of never never land. Come ...

Eyes on you


Have you ever felt like someone is looking at you? That strange feeling of someone staring right through you with those empty, hollow eyes.

What it was, was football


I am saddened by the loss of Andy Griffith. Of the nine million times I have watched the wisdom of Andy. Everything from Romeo and Juliet with the Wakefields and Carters to out thinkin the Darlins, which weren't tough at all. The conversation with Floyd out in front of the ...

So we can go fishin

Autie Now I will tell you...sometimes we got to do we we got to do. I gots a cousin in Oklahoma that will stick his arm up some hole....I do better with the other.

Mormons and Jews


OK, I need some help to understand something I heard on the radio. I listened to a piece about the Mormon Church doing some kind of symbolic baptism of Jewish people that died during World War II at the hands of the Nazis. Apparently from what I gathered the Jewish ...

Halloween draws nigh


What about scary stuff? Can anybody tell me if there really is a portal to hell in the Stull cemetery? Where is Stull? What happens in the alleged Stull cemetery at midnight? I had a dream last night about Stull and I don't even know what it is. Maybe the ...


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