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To Screen Or Not - Recent Developments On Sunscreen

I'm a screener - a person of fair skin who applies sunscreen each morning regardless of the season, a person who burns within a matter of minutes in direct sunlight. I burn so easily, that two people handed me a tube of sunscreen with an SPF of 70 written on it the first day I was in Florida this past week.

I've had enough bad burns that I tsk tsk when I see a negligent parent; care giver of child, neglect to keep sunscreen slathered on their child, outside with no hat, no shade within sight. There should be laws against such abuse. Aren't those parents aware how much more likely the child is to get cancer after just one bad sunburn?

I went to my dermatology office just a few days ago - frightened enough by a friend's recent diagnois of melanoma that I thought it time to have that slightly annoying patch of dry skin on the bridge of my nose checked. I was glad I did - it was precancerous.

Hot news the past couple of days: FDA cover-up of knowledge that sunscreens containing vitamin A, retinol and retinyl palmitate actually speed up skin cancers. A supposed half of the 500 products listed promote skin cancer and only 39 of the 500 were 'safe'.

Additionally, there is discussion that sunscreen products containing oxybenzone are obsorbed into the skin making it possible for them to enter the bloodstream. It reportedly messes with hormones. Another negative ingredient: nanosized titanium dioxide is connected to neurodegenerative diseases including Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and Huntington's diseases.

To screen or not to screen, to trust the FDA or not, check out your skin care products, read what you can on topic, make your own decision, but please don't let me catch your baby with a sunburn or a tan. You'll recognize me - I'm the pale redhead.


Is That a Poem in Your Pocket or Are You Just Glad to See Me?

Thursday, April 29th, is 'Poem in Your Pocket" day

It's a day to share your favorite poetry with co-workers, fellow students, a store clerk, a roomate or a new acquaintance.

Spend a few minutes this evening running off copies of your favorite poems and then stuff your pockets or purse with them. Do you have a specific poem for your mechanic, a poetic message for your boss, or will you take this opportunity to spread the joys of the written word by handing out spiritual poetry or funny limericks?

Do you have children? If so, how have you shared your love of poetry with them? What poems would you suggest they share with a teacher, a friend, their grandmother.

Do you think poetry is taught and appreciated as much in present times as it was when you were in school, or when your grandparents where?

Please share the poem in your pocket with us and any you may receive.

Happy poem in your pocket day!


Should Kansas Get On the Four Day Work and School Week Bus?

I wrote this blog over a year ago. Has this idea been discussed? It has been working well in other stated and for big business as well. N0 schools need to be closed.

Just think of the savings! School buses run only four days a week, thermostats and air conditioners could be turned to a minimum temperature for a three day weekend instead of two. Payment for cooks, janitors, paras, bus drivers, and crossing guards would go down.

It is difficult to comprehend just how much savings the state of Kansas might have if it jumped on the same bus that eleven other states are riding.

And just maybe parents of children who had either Friday or Monday off would also start working four day weeks - adding up to even bigger savings for their personal pocket books. These savings might include childcare, gasoline for transportation to and from their job, less meals out, etc., etc.

What ways can you think of that a four day work and school week would provide higher savings for all of us?

Should we add that to our ballot this fall?

I know I would love a three day weekend to take mini vacations (oops - there went my extra savings), but it would still be worth it!


Sarah Palin: It’s Your Birthday! What Your Gift Would Be

It would have slid right by me if a certain online persona hadn't made mention of it in my blog about chili. And to think I'm having tea with her at an upcoming party!

Sarah was born February 11th of 1964. I believe that makes her 46 as of today's birthday. Wonder how she's spending her special day?

So here's the blog topic. If you could give Sarah something for her birthday, what would it be?

I think I'd give her some peace of mind with that intended son in law that didn't happen. The guy who is telling all, and showing more than he has, as he rakes in the big bucks. What's his name? Levi?

Be kind, be polite. What would you give Sarah Palin for her birthday if you could give her anything you wanted?


Obama: Waiting a Year to Budget?

I've never been one to live within a budget. I guess I have been fortunate enough to never really have needed one to live comfortably. I have started budgeting recently though and am finding it is a very good thing. And, I would add, that it should be something we all learn to utilize early in our lives - whether we 'think' we need to or not.

As we approach our twilight years, we often find we should have saved, sweated, and budgeted far more than we did. Therein is where the confusion lies for me. Why does Obama want us to wait a year to begin a budget? (Maybe I don't get it because I'm more of a Republican at heart) I understand that if someone, whether that someone is a person or a country, can't budget what they don't have, but our President is spending money as though it grows as quickly as leaves on trees in a rain forest. Why do we have to wait to begin budgeting/constraining our spending habits? Maybe I'm not the only one who didn't understand or appreciate his comments - there really weren't many laughs except those President Obama seemed to be having.

I was also confused how asking the banks that were bailed out with Obama's huge spending are now to pay back some of that debt. How does that help us, you know, the little common people? Aren't those banks making their money off of us - those of us who are unemployed, homeless, up to their eyes in debt? Aren't credit card fees much of the reason behind why people are losing their homes and unable to pay debt now? I don't understand why all credit card fees haven't been capped at something reasonable (six to ten percent). I don't understand why they can now charge people an inactivity fee. There is a lot I don't understand. I guess there is a little bit of the 'Irish' in all of us.

I would like to ask that you be kind in explaining these matters to me. I just paid bills and seem to be over budget!


Buried Alive: A Conversation With Jimi Hendrix

It isn't often you get the chance to rest beside one of your all time favorite heroes! I recently received photos taken by my cousin, Kent, who has moved to Seattle, Washington, of a burial site for sale within walking distance to Jimi Hendrix.

Now Kent is one of those guys who loves to check out the landscape when he goes to a new area - and particularly if that landscape includes a cemetery and someone he idolized is 'at home' there. So, when Kent sent me pictures he'd taken at Greenwood Memorial Park, I wasn't all that surprised. After all, when I went to visit him in Indianapolis, just a little over a year ago, our first stop was a cemetery high on a hill with a panoramic view of the city below.

"Jimi, do you have any clue how much I paid to be buried next to you? Jimi? Jimi?"

Those first few minutes of being buried alive where exhilarating. I couldn't help but wonder how much Jimi's music had changed over the years. He died in 1970, so I figure he is still pure rock and roll and psychedelics - he missed out on all that tom foolery that came later. No castrated Bee Gees singing Disco tunes in Jimi's electrified music!

"Jimi, are you awake? Hey, did I ever tell you about the time I saw Harrison in concert? Yeah, it was really great. Ringo was even there and so was Ravi Shankar! So, Jimi, are you working on any particular song right now? Maybe I can assist with a lyric or two. I don't have a background in music, but I do have a lyrical mind, if I do say so myself."

Damn, maybe Jimi was up late last night. I hope I'm not annoying him!

The thrill of being buried alive next to Jimi is beginning to wane. I wish I could see through this casket, the earth and tree roots, to see how he is aging. Maybe that's it! He's self-conscious!

"Jimi, I don't care that you've lost a lot of weight, that your teeth aren't brushed - do you still have teeth, Jimi? - and that your hair hasn't been combed. Those things weren't 'all' that attracted me to you back in the day. I loved you for your spirit, your music, your electric guitar was secondary to my love of your lyrics. Jimi? Jimi?"

Oh, great! So I paid all that money to be buried next to a guy who insists on giving me the cold shoulder. I want my money back!

How much would you pay to be buried to one of your heroes?

For additional information about this site, please contact :

Jim (not Jimi)
Greenwood Memorial Park, 350 Monroe Ave., Northeast, Renton, Washington.
You may call: 415-255-1511


The Moment of Truth - Fox’s new show

The Fox channel had its debut showing of "The Moment of Truth" Weds. evening following American Idol.

The show works something like this: pick a contestant and ask them fifty personal questions behind the scenes to get to know them and their vices and flaws.

Next, hook them up to a lie detector test in front of an audience, their spouse, their friends, and even their employer. Then comes the fun part as the contestant is asked the first six questions, which answered truthfully puts 10,000 dollars in their pocket.

It isn't as easy as it sounds, however, because some of the questions are down right demented! Some random questions from last night's show were

:"Are you addicted to gambling?"

"Are you currently a member of the hair club for men?"

"As a personal trainer, have you touched a female client more than was required of you?"

"Have you used the internet to flirt with other women?"

"Have you stolen a peek at another man's privates during a shower?"

"Have you had a sexual fantasy during mass?"

"Have you gone through a co-workers belongings without their knowledge?"

"Have you delayed having children because you don't think your spouse is your lifelong partner?"

The friends/spouse/employers have one out - they can push a large button that is centered between them (one time only) if they do not want to hear the person answer the question that was asked. The problem with that is it will be replaced with another question and the other question just might be worse then the first.

After the initial six questions, that can earn the contestant 10,000 if answered correctly, the next five questions, if answered truthfully, can get the contestant up to the 25,000 dollar mark. The higher you go, the harder and more revealing the question. Answer all 21 questions truthfully and you have $500,000 in your pocket. You may not have a job to go back to, your wife, husband, and friends have probably abandoned you, but you decide how important money really is in your life.

This show is destined to be a hit - audiences love to see people squirm in the hot seat, see their lives (and their friends and families lives) destroyed right in front of them - and the contestant most probably will end up leaving with nothing.

This reminded me of the games we played as teenagers: truth or dare and twenty questions.

Would you risk it all and tell the truth for $500,000?