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When online friends die: a goodbye to Multidisciplinary

Ronda Miller

In this world of online formats where anonymity allows people to share the utmost in personal likes and dislikes, family histories and life experiences are cried about, laughed over, examined intellectually or thrown out as an off the cuff remark, it's easy for members of a forum such as the ...

50 Shades of Blackberries: just in time for Father's Day

Ronda Miller

Ok, the blog title was simply to get your attention. Although there are numerous shades of color as the blackberry ripens from a tiny green pod, moves into an array of reds (they almost look like raspberries), to a dark purple, and then to the deeper shade of black, for ...

Have you spotted a bear recently in Douglas County?

Ronda Miller

I'm serious. I'm a face book fan and read one friend's report about finding bear scat numerous times the past couple of weeks. Apparently her husband has heard a bear making ghastly bear sounds, the horses are too afraid to come out of the barn, and the family dog has ...

Horse Racing Enthusiasts Abuzz for I'll Have Another's Running of The Triple Crown - it's gotta be heart - BREAKING NEWS - IHA scratched because of tendonitis

Ronda Miller

Like a giant horse fly descending for a feeding, the world of horse racing enthusiasts is abuzz with weather reports, strategies between jockeys, trainers and owners, the fresh horse meat coming into Saturday’s third leg of the Triple Crown, nerves, and jokes such as Letterman’s about his pick for The ...

Writing your erotica: an afternoon lead by Dixie Lubin in the company of other women

Ronda Miller

It was Sunday afternoon the last weekend of April. I had been looking forward to Dixie Lubin's erotica workshop ever since I'd heard about it and immediately had signed up to attend. I was running late, having been at a committee retreat meeting at our local District Two Kansas Authors ...

How I missed the 138th running of The Kentucky Derby and safeguards to win The Preakness

Ronda Miller

We all have our specific superstitions on what we think will help a winning team, or in today's case, the horse we want to cross the finish line first in The Preakness. As a four year old living with an aunt and uncle in Ft. Collins, Colorado, it meant I ...

Kansas Authors Club District Two Contest Award Winners - 2012

Ronda Miller

Following is the list of winners for the KAC (Kansas Authors Club) District Two writing contest: Prose - Memoir 1st Defining Middle Age - Tracy Million Simmons 2nd Lucky Lee - Susie Nightingale 3rd Rabbit, Rabbit - Cathy Callen Prose - Feature Article 1st Death of a Small Town - ...

What about bi-sexuals, Mr. President? Where is their right to marriage?

Ronda Miller

I wasn't particularly surprised when President Obama made the statement about his personal feelings on the issue of gay rights. His opinion that they have every right to be happy in a legal marriage along with all the amenities that affords is held by about half the population. Marriage: the ...

District Two Kansas Authors Club Writer's Retreat Enrollment Deadline Rapidly Approaching

Ronda Miller

retreat: 'the act of withdrawing or going backward (especially to escape something hazardous or unpleasant), withdrawal for prayer and study and mediation, withdrawal of troops, an area where you can be alone, a bugle call, a military signal for withdrawal, a place of privacy, make a retreat from an earlier ...

138th Running of The Kentucky Derby - Under a Full Moon

Ronda Miller

I know the 138th running of The Kentucky Derby is going to take place this afternoon, not this evening. I also know the way my mind works. Years from now, I'll picture all those pretty thoroughbreds running on a blazin fast track under the largest moon 2012 has ever known. ...

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