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Fiction 500 Deadline Approaching!

Ronda Miller

This evening (Tuesday, February 16th) at midnight, is the deadline for this year's February Fiction Five Hundred short story submission. We have three judges: RoeDapple, Lori Schutter and Tena Santaularia. Each judge will assign points to the stories (see below for judging criteria) and then each of their top two ...

It's the Breaks: The Arikaree Breaks

Ronda Miller

I spent ten years growing up on a farm in NW Kansas - about as far north and west as you can go and still remain in Kansas. We were just a few additional miles from Nebraska. What I wouldn't give now to lie on my Grandfather's old flat bed ...

Sarah Palin: It's Your Birthday! What Your Gift Would Be

Ronda Miller

It would have slid right by me if a certain online persona hadn't made mention of it in my blog about chili. And to think I'm having tea with her at an upcoming party! Sarah was born February 11th of 1964. I believe that makes her 46 as of today's ...

Could You Do It In 500?

Ronda Miller

Can you do it in 500? Some people could never do it, regardless of how many they're given. Michael Goodwin, author of The Badass Geek, thinks you can and I'm willing to give you a chance. What are we talking about? Goodwin says it best, “Fiction 500 is an on-going ...

Obama: Waiting a Year to Budget?

Ronda Miller

I've never been one to live within a budget. I guess I have been fortunate enough to never really have needed one to live comfortably. I have started budgeting recently though and am finding it is a very good thing. And, I would add, that it should be something we ...

In the Mood for RVing? I'm Wanting a Pop-Up

Ronda Miller

This time of year has many of us dreaming about some type of escape. Whether that involves sipping a pina colada on a tropical island, skiing at a favorite resort, or something as simple (okay, it isn't always simple) as a visit to Grandma's house, our minds are most likely ...

That Crazy Little Name You're Called

Ronda Miller

Just within the last couple of days, I've learned of some of my reader's nicknames. Whether we love them or hate them, we've all got them. My personal experience with nicknames has been that they change over time. When I was quite young, and pretended to be a gunslinger, my ...

Camper Van Beethoven: Explain it to Me!

Ronda Miller

During the past couple of years, I have posted song title games about a variety of bands, musical styles and performers. I recently handed my song title game over to RoaDapple with glee! Today, I am not only honoring someone I got to know through these song title blogs, as ...

Buried Alive: A Conversation With Jimi Hendrix

Ronda Miller

It isn't often you get the chance to rest beside one of your all time favorite heroes! I recently received photos taken by my cousin, Kent, who has moved to Seattle, Washington, of a burial site for sale within walking distance to Jimi Hendrix. Now Kent is one of those ...

Behind The Scenes With Cindy Self: "Me, My Self, and I"

Ronda Miller

One of the reasons I wanted to interview Cindy Self was because it was obvious after having met her, working with her at Booster Club events, and watching basketball and football games together while our daughters cheered for Free State High School (2006), that Cindy is worthy of mention for ...

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